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Shearer's GCSB claim backfires as names named

Labour leader David Shearer is struggling to defend his GCSB allegations as reports out his source as the partner of his chief spin doctor, former TVNZ political reporter Fran Mold.

Veteran political journalist Barry Soper revealed on NewstalkZB today Ms Mold's partner has "connections" to the GCSB.

"That's where the party's information has come from that when Prime Minister John Key was briefed at the GCSB in February, he spoke to the spies in a cafeteria," he says.

Reports which said there may have been a video recording of Mr Key's talk to the staff, wasn't the case,  according to Mr Key, Mr Soper says.

Mr Key's view is reinforced by the former cabinet secretary Rebecca Kitteridge – sent in to check the venue – who says still photos were taken but she is not releasing them because they identify staff.

Usually well-connected blogger Cameron "WhaleOil" Slater picked up on Mr Soper's story, identifying Ms Mold's partner as a spy who left the GCSB in March for a job at "Primary Industries".

Mr Slater says Ms Mold's partner is "very good friends with Agent 'G', who must be sitting at his desk waiting for all hell to decend upon him wishing he had never met either [Redacted] or Fran".

Mr Shearer continued to claim a video recording exist – but might have been deleted – of Mr Key making quips about Kim Dotcom while talking to GCSB staff in their staff cafe on February 29.

This is despite, Mr Key saying he does not remember any mention of Kim Dotcom then.

GCSB boss Ian Fletcher says searches of the organisation's records have not recovered any audio-visual recording of the prime minister's February 29 visit.

Mr Shearer will not reveal the source of the information.

When questioned by NBR ONLINE if Fran Mold's partner was the source of the GCSB leak, Mr Shearer said: "You're a journalist, you don't reveal your sources. I'm not going to reveal mine."

Asked if he was concerned about the security implications of a leak from within the GCSB, he said: "This is not information that is top secret.

"This is about filming a meeting with staff and the prime minister.

"The only reason it's sensitive is because John Key has allegedly said something about the GCSB and working on the Dotcom case," Mr Shearer says. 

Mr Shearer's response echoed what his senior press secretary Miles Erwin told another NBR reporter this morning: "You're a journalist – you don't reveal you're sources... We're not revealing ours. We're not talking about this. That's the end of the matter."

Not quite, Mr Erwin...

More by Caleb Allison and Blair Cunningham

Comments and questions

im very concerned that our secret seven sorry service has a mole delevering sensitive information to the russians [er labour]
question why? would you expect the gcsb to be run any more effiently than any other goverment dpt

Mold is one of those slow cancerous toxins that destroy anything in the way -- be they leadership ambitions or political organisations --no matter how Fran-tically you fight and deny it.
Shearer is either a rank amateur or just totally naive.....or both!

Is there no end to the entertainment provided by this constant unravelling of all that surrounds the Dot Com mismanagement? Al parties are tainted by this. Such fun!

Surely there must be some confidentiality / security laws and Acts these Labour Party sycophant's have broken?

I wonder if the Greens will call for an enquiry now too, like Shearer has been on this issue - because it seems there's been some State Treason going on by the Labour Party, attempting to make political mileage out of a manufactured beat-up - AND it's hopefully about to backfire on Labour and the traitors leaking government secrets.

Fines and imprisonment is the only remedy - as per the law!

The GG needs to launch an investigation into Labour shopping State secrets to the media - for their own political gain.

As if selling citizenships for only a $15K "donation" to Labour wasn't bad enough by someone hiding from Interpol at the time even - or Fenton shrilling about how the government hadn't fixed Christchurch after 3 month's using the missery of Christchurch residents as a political football... can they go any lower?

In the next election campaign, Key's handlers will make absolutely sure that he is not allowed anywhere near a cafeteria or a tea room.

How come a continual stream of TVNZ failures all end up on the payroll(either directly or indirectly) of the Labour Party?

Between the lefties in that outfit and the left wing idiots in the Public Service in general no wonder the Country is going down the toilet

If Shearer doesn't nail this it will and should be a major embarrassment for him. You wonder what sort of wind in the sails it might give Cunliffe and Co if Shearer is shown to be wrong on this.

Exactly Anon!

Desperate times call for even more desperate stories and made-up "crisis" to deflect unwanted attention elsewhere...

Will it be before Christmas or in the New Year? I wonder what odds the TAB are offering?

Of course the head of an agency specialising in secrets and deceit would never lie for a prime minister.

Some of you need to pretend its 2007 and this was happening to that pm. Remember you wanted her to resign over paintgate, but you are happy to have a pm who at best has no memory and at worse is a liar...

Lets's focus in this sideshow - it's so important and interesting... Whatever!
this is Such trivia - while the majority of the world is in crisis and Australia & NZ continue to outshine them all - significantly advancing up the OECD ladder both economically and socially month after month, our left wing media spend all their efforts trying to dig up some dirt on our honest, hardworking and competent world class leader... Pathetic. The rest of the world holds him up as one of the best on the globe right now - show some respect NZ and be thankful for all the effort, intelligence, fairness and integrity that JK brings to the job.

Oh and soper is now a reliable source for rumours? I presume he and slater revealing a spys identity is not dastardly but shearer sharing leaks is?

No hoper soper, who takes any notice of his opinions?

Okay Mr Shearer/Norman cough up or shut up.

If Shearer has some key evidence, he's maximising his advantage by holding on to it, for as long as possible. I'd give him another day or, two. Maybe longer..

Shearer has neither the experience, cunning or the balls to capitalise on this as fully as he could.

From the moment the helicopters swooped on Coatesville the delusions of competence by so many government agencies has been unravelling. More to come I'll bet.

I thought Shearer was a new breed of Labour leaders, issues not people?

This is muck raking of the first order, playing the person not the game

Shearer or the pseudo-green wonder Winston is glowing?

I am waiting for Russel Norman to lay a complaint with the Police over the activities of Fran Mold's partner - but I am not holding my breath!

Well well well!,
this article's revelations certainly justifies my blog to an earlier article.

Isn’t this a fair point?

“You know what, if there wasn’t any video of key mentioning Kim Dotcom, then WHY…. WHY OH WHY are they now looking for a mole that spoke up about the video that doesn’t exist….

Seriously, if the tape doesn’t exist, then why waste money looking for a mole that gave out bullshit info to labour?

The fact is…. the tape MUST exist because they are looking for the mole that revealed its existence to Labour…


Penny Bright

‘Anti-corruption campaigner’

Sound logic here methinks

Now, is this the same labour party that was so utterly paranoid about Key's press secretary being the partner of a newly appointed coms manager at the ministry of the environment ? No wonder labour expected such low standards of professionalism from government coms staff, it seems they actually count on it to run their own ad hominem campaigns. labour certainly has a few questions to answer. Was Mold acting alone, or were other labour party coms 'strategists' working with her? Surely such a brazen coms tactic needs to be signed off by the likes of Clare Curran and Trevor Mallard?