'Silent' Goldsmith ahead in Epsom

Paul Goldsmith, nicknamed National’s “invisible candidate” may finish first in the Epsom electorate, as National and Labour voters unite against ACT.

A street survey of 180 voters run by NZ Herald Online, shows 32% said they would be voting for Mr Goldsmith, with ACT candidate John Banks following close behind at 25% and Labour’s David Parker falling behind on just 6%.

John Key has recently been encouraging Epsom voters to support Mr Banks in order to ensure National has a preferred coalition partner, but Mr Goldsmith seems to be taking the lead by keeping a low profile.

Mr Goldsmith was photographed last weekend removing his own campaign billboards from the Epsom electorate after they had been erected without proper authorisation.

However, remaining out of the spotlight has not deterred Epsom residents from showing their support, regardless of National’s endorsement of taking on ACT as a possible coalition partner.

Many Labour voters have come to a rare point of agreement with voters for National, saying that they would send their vote to Mr Goldsmith in order to keep ACT out of Parliament.

With just five days left until election day, the Epsom result is far from being set in stone.

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The campaign has been badly planned by Steven Jpyce and badly run by John Key.

It may now all backfire in gigantic proportions.

Traditional National voters are not happy with the shenanigans and ego's of John key and co - all very childish really


How does Mr Goldsmith accepts Key's wish for an Act vote ???

Epsom voters will not be told who to vote for. Mr key you assume too much !!!!


Epsom voters who vote for Paul Goldsmith rather than John Banks, are efectively, voting for a left wing Labour/Greens government, which will be focused on higher taxes and higher borrowing at the expenses of those Epsom voters, and the rest of NZ.



You are as arrogant as John Key on this issue.


Rodney Hide first got in with no significant support from National. In fact National were pretty determined not to let Hide win Epsom back in '05. Hide got in because Epsom National voters intrinsically knew what was needed to achieve a centre-right govt. 2011 and what we're seeing is what smacks of voting instructions being given to National supporters, and a much less attractive Act brand. Ironic really that people who ideologically are likely to react most strongly against being told what to do, are being told what to do. Not ironic is that quite a few of those people are reacting against being told what to do. This is the worst of MMP and the reason why people should support a near proportional system involving no party votes: STV.


As an Epsom voter it annoys me that John Key is trying to manipulate this electorate. The whole country would have been better off without the recent cup of tea, in many ways.

I voted Hide/National last time, but the ACT party now is nothing like it was then. This time I am voting Goldsmith/National, because I am very worried about a whacky ACT tail trying to wag a National dog in parliament.

Last time around ACT's bargain included the super city and what other deals for their support? What would it be this time?

Please consider the cost and vote against Banks on Saturday.


And these same Epsom bozo Nat supporters will wake up Sunday morning wondering why we have a Goof lead Government with Winny as Deputy PM and Treasurer and Norman as Min of Fin.

AND they wont figure they caused it



Wrong tail right dog So you want a Goff PM Winny Deputy PM Norman Min of Fin government.

Cause thats what its gonna be


A vote for John Banks is effectively a vote for a 'white collar' criminal who has yet to be charged or convicted, in my considered opinion.

Dr Brash (ex-Leader of the National Party - now Leader of the ACT Party/ National "B" Team, has a PhD in Hypocrisy, as has ex-National Government Minister of Police /Local Government - now ACT candidate for Epsom John Banks.

For both of them - ACT's 'ONE LAW FOR ALL' obviously doesn't apply to them - or they would have equally been charged along with former fellow Director of Huljich Wealth Management (NZ) Ltd, Peter Huljich, for signing Registered Prospectuses for Huljich Kiwisaver Schemes which contained untrue statements.

Banks and Brash want to help run NZ - and they couldn't properly run a Hulich Kiwisaver Scheme?

How commercially competent are they???

FYI - tmorrow night there will be a public meeting in Parnell where Epsom candidates will be speaking.

WHEN: 7pm Tuesday 22 November 2011
WHERE: Jubilee Building
545 Parnell Rd

This Epsom candidates meeting I have been invited to attend (unlike the meeting held last Thursday).

ipredict it will be a rather lively event..............

Penny Bright
Independent candidate for Epsom
Campaigning against CRIME, 'white collar' CORRUPTION (and its root cause - PRIVATISATION) and 'CORPORATE WELFARE'


It surely is plain - if National gets an outright majority, what happens in Epsom is irrelevant. If National doesn't then Act's survival is crucial to keeping out a leftist (no "centre" about it) government which has no t the slightest clue of how to cope with the coming economic storm.
Voters of Epsom: put aside your irritation at the appalling stage manageemnt of the "cup of tea" and do what is right for the country!


Richard's comment is damn right.


STAND UP paul we are behind you .we do not want BANKS in epsom get your posters out now.


It just makes sick that people, in particular Nats, try to tell other how to vote. You only have control to your OWN vote, not others'. Stop trying to be smart and Do realise that Nat's and Act's policies leave so many poor NZers behind. This is not just about balancing the books, "Can we have a brighter future?" I don't think selling assets and offshore oil drilling help us move forward. JK clearly has been aa big talker than doer.


Not hard to work out. A vote for Banks is a vote to return National.
A vote for Goldsmith is a vote for Labour/Green etc.
The voters in that electorate will know what they want.


Epsom voters will decide this election. Full stop.


Good idea! You shouldn't believe that John Key or his Party know anything about how the MMP system works.

Vote for Goldsmith, and the hell with the consequences!!


The people of NZ are now desperately relying on the Epsom vote to keep the influence of ACT in parliament and on National.
John Key alone has not proved to be the maker of bold decisive changes that NZ needs. We must have some of the ACT direction to stop further stagnation of NZ.


We NEED ACT to save us from the absurdities of an about-to-double ETS.

See the keynote policy speech at: www.voxy.co.nz/politics/speech-shooting-ourselves-wallet-don-brash/5/108279


We NEED ACT - YEAH RIGHT - like a hole in the head. Act is sick within itself. Better it be put down this election and contaminate the electoral scene any more. Over the past three years Act have spent more time (and taxpayer money) on their own issues rather than contributing in any meaningful way to improving te lot of NZers.

Given the relelations from "teagate" about rolling Don Brash after the elections suggests the sickness will contaminate the next parliament. No thanks - I think the Epsom voters have a responsibility to end the madness on Saturday


Fully agree J B .ACT is for actors .


One of the major issues barely mentioned in the election debate is the massive growth in government. The tax take has moved from a $40 billion take to $70 billion in 5 or 6 years.
The labour election bribes of working for families and interest free student loans in 2005 are a part of this never ending hunger for someone elses money.
We have to have gutsy, bold policy changes to turn back such programmes. Rolling back the ETS modest changes to super, competition to ACC, drinking and voting age back to 20years, etc etc etc will only come through ACT party influence.
NZ is absolutely relying on the people of Epsom to vote accordingly with the big picture in mind.


In response to: Penny Bright | Monday, November 21, 2011 - 5:55pm

The people have spoken Penny and they want nothing to do with you (again).

Whilst with Key the future will be brighter it's not Bright...it's Right.

Henry Clark
33'rd Degree Freemason
Illuminati Grand Master - Remuera Chapter
Pro Zionist Shapeshifting Lizard People Alliance.


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