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Sir Paul Holmes discharged from hospital

Jan 24: Sir Paul Holmes has been discharged from hospital, his wife Lady Deborah and brother Ken said in a statement to media late this afternoon.

The broadcaster has returned to his Hawke's Bay home home, where he is being nursed. Family members are by his side.

Sir Paul Holmes hospitalised

Jan 23: Ailing broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes is back in hospital less than a week after being invested as a knight at his Hawke's Bay home. 

His family have gathered in Hawke's Bay to be with him, where he is said to be in a stable condition in hospital, according to media reports. 

Sir Paul's investiture was brought forward last week because of his deteriorating health.  

He underwent surgery last year for an ongoing heart condition, but the added return of his prostate cancer made his health situation worse. 

Sir Paul (62) retired from broadcasting late last year. 

Comments and questions

This is very sad news but he looked so unwell last week it is no surprise.

Now is the time for the critics and tall poppy haters who were out in force last week (showing even basic decency cannot curb their bitterness and resentment) to keep quiet while everyone else sends best wishes to Paul - sorry, "Sir Paul" -and his family...

Sir Paul and Lady Debora. You have filled my kitchen, car and my lounge for many years. I recall my challenges of Christian faith and remember being told to look at a photo of a beautiful sunrise and being asked if it was sunrise or sunset? Of course I did not know the time of day it was taken. It was a trick question which death poses. The same question: is it sunrise or sunset? To you Sir Paul, I truly hope sunrise. To you and yours. A true admirer, Paul Brown

Sending a prayer to you Paul and your family at this trying time. Will always think of you with a smile. Rest easy, blessings. Chris

Travel well, Sir Paul.

Very, very sad. He's such a NZ icon and so lovely. I hope he gets a speedy recovery - sending well wishes to him and his family.

Good luck, Paul. Hope you come right. Sure miss your radio shows.

We wish you well, Paul! But, sadly, you looked so unwell when I last saw you, and please disregard all of the "Grim Reapers" who will appear on here to chop you off at the knees, it was always a pleasure to be informed by you over the years. Rest well.

You're a legend, Sir PH.

Very sad as he is such a nice guy.

A legend in your lifetime.

Where is Houdini when you need him? In life as in business Sir Paul never, never, ever gave up. We all wish you well.

God bless.

A lovely man our Sir Paul. He used to come into my dairy shopping for his Mum when she was alive. Always a ordinary Kiwi bloke. All the best Sir Paul and your lovely family.

I am saddened to hear that Sir Paul is in hospital. It's a tough battle and I only wish you strength, love and support from your loving family.
Best wishes to you and your lovely wife, Lady Deborah. XX

God bless you and your family.

keep battling Sir Paul, for you and your family

Like the man said, there's no coming back from this one - Houdini cannot do it again. Sir Paul and his family are prepared and ready for this next journey and I wish them all peace and comfort.

Sir Paul is a NZ national treasure.

Never say never, Sir Paul. You have given us so much over the years and we say "THANK YOU SO MUCH' and blessings to all. xxx

I am sorry but we will all follow this situation. I missed your programme that I always interested with. Don't be scared, you're not alone. God is always with you. God bless.

I was never a follower of his when he was a broadcaster but I feel very sorry for him and his family as I would for anyone in this situation. I admire and commend him for his courage and I hope that it sustains him and his family through to the end, and that he finds peace and comfort in his last days.

God bless you Sir Paul and your family at this time you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

To Sir Paul Holmes and Lady Holmes you will never be alone. God and his angels are with you always keep a candle burning and a light on for ever. Maureen xx

All the best Sir Paul and your family. It is such a tough time for you all. You are a decent and caring and hardworking man who has put your all into your chosen industry. It won't be the same without you. Best wishes to you all. May the negative people out there choose the high ground and realize that even if you may not have liked or agreed with Sir Paul, human life is precious. Show him and his family some respect and dignity in his final days.

A corageous lovely man to give the Sunday interview, it brought me
to tears, we loved your tv show, dont be frightened there is hundreds
of people out there who will walk you to the top of the hill.
Regards to the family our thoughts are with you all, God Bless.

Your interview last night taught me that you much more astute than I thought and much more compassionate and kind. Much more than your TV "persona".
I am intelligent and also intuitive and have done much reading, investigation etc and I can truthfully say that I am 99.9% certain that your Mum will greet you (along with others too I suspect) when you pass. Nothing to fear. Those who have passed and are given the opportunity to return here have declined 100% apparently. :) I can believe this! Fly well xo

Sir Paul, if you know Jesus, you will know He has forgiven sins you have ever committed through the years.. like every man. Jesus will also know you if you have received Him into your life in humble repentance. This is what salvation of the Christian faith is about. If you are saved in Christ, there is no fear in death. God bless you.

Stop giving Paul this "forgiving sins cr*p" - he doesn't need it! Paul, trust me, you are OK buddy. It's a much, much bigger picture/plan that mere mortals (and especially 'religious ones") have any idea of. Just "go". You will be fine. You'll love it! Big love, Lee xo