Slater balks at revealing names of Labour donors; has more up his sleeve

Cameron Slater

UPDATED 2.10pm: Cameron Slater has apparently balked at his threat to names the 452 Labour Party donors he obtained from their website.

“I am await­ing legal advice as to how much of the donor list I can legally release. It may well be in full but I need that advice to come through before relas­ing the list,“ he said.

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Labour Party donors, you're about to be outed – and by one of your least favourite people.

Cameron Slater is brushing off the party's accusation that he is in breach of the Privacy Act and said he would push ahead and publish details of the party’s online fundraising.

Mr Slater said told Without a Word of a Lie that at 2pm he would post on his website details of 452 donors who collectively paid $11,058 to the party.

There for the taking
The high-profile blogger, who has had brushes with the courts over breaching name suppression, said he would not be in breach of the Privacy Act, but it was possible Labour was.

“It’s as if they put all this information in a box on the side of the road where anybody could access it,” he said.

Mr Slater - son of former National Party president John Slater - said he gained access to his cache of information due to poor website design that allowed public access to root directories containing the data.

What's coming at 2pm
The information to be published at 2pm includes just the names and amounts donated to Labour online, but Mr Slater said he had plenty of other information to releasing in the coming days.

“I’ll be exploring the rationale behind their social media campaigns, why they run those campaign - and the results of those campaigns,” he said.

Email addresses harvested
Mr Slater said he believed the social media campaigns, including petitions against asset sales, were designed to harvest email addresses to be used by the Party for fundraising.

“I’ve identified more than 18,000 email address of people who may have put in the details for one of their billboard generator campaigns, and now the Labour Party has those email address.”

Mr Slater said the information he obtained also showed people employed by Parliamentary Services were involved in soliciting and processing donations.

“Just because they haven’t raised much money, doesn’t make it insignificant,” he said.

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Unless there is a heavy skew toward large donations by a select, notable few an average of $24.46 per contributor doesn't seem news worthy.

Would Mr. Slater be contributing to spam by releasing a fixed list of email addresses of people who have particular special interests?


Can't wait to see who the donors are. Roll on 2pm. I wonder what chain of events this will set in motion - a few skeletons in the closet perhaps.

Labour Party - Doh!!


funny how labour cry foul when the shoe is on the other foot! they are more than happy to secretly tape national conventions and hang everyone else out to dry.. wouldn't surprise me if they try and blame John Key for the hacking too...


It wasn't even a hacking. labour left the details for public view on their website. The funny thing is that if they want to invoke the Privacy Act against Slater then they're the ones who will be held responsible. Fancy leaving the credit card & personal details of your donors lying around for the public to view.


Bumbling ineptitude meets insipid leadership and new ideas vaccuum.

At least they have a new logo!


What goes around comes around ,remember the DON BRASH emails that were hacked.Liebour seemed to know what was in them?funny that.


Why are you worrying, if you donors have nothing to hide...


Wow.... $11k. Why dosn't this guy get a haircut and a real Job........


Good on ya peter


The reason the donation was only a total of $11,058 was that was all the 452 donors (beneficiaries) had left to give their beloved Labour Party after buying their smokes and booze and paying their Sky TV subs for the month.


$11,000!! Is that the best the Labour Party can do for donations. That's hilarious, and then they're so useless they leave the personal details of the donors lying around for everyone to look at. And they want to run the country. Hahahaha!!!


Yep - couldn't trust them to run a hot bath - let alone the country!

Bumbling ineptitude meets blinding incompetence - no wonder they needed to over-stuff the Public Service by the thousands - because they couldn't find their butts with both hands!

This sorry saga would be laughable - if it wasn't one of NZ's "main" political parties. Perhaps they could get some management / leadership training from either the legalise marijuana party, McGillagully Serious Party - or even Ronald McDonald - as these clowns can't be any more stupid with being sober - so they may as well be stoned - at least they may get some ideological insights into decent, workable philosophies for the 21st century and some new idea's for the coming election.

(and no! - offering election bribe hand outs by party presidents in the KFC lineup will only discredit Labour even further - as if that was even possible!)


Brash/Key are public figures. Some guy who gave $20 to a political party is not.

The political considerations of public figures are fair game. The email and postal addresses of private figures are not.

It's not rocket science.


A current item on Labour's Facebook page asks for suggestions on improving their website.

Basic security, anyone?


$24.46 per donor about sums it up.


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