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Slingshot aims $69/40GB plan at Telecom, Vodafone

Slingshot has launched a $69 a month that offers a homeline, 40GB of rollover data, a free modem and a 200GB bonus data block (which, like un-used data, rolls over from month to month if unused).

CallPlus/Slingshot CEO Mark Callendar says the new plan is aimed at those on "Vodafone’s current headline offer of 30GB a month for $75 and Telecom’s package deal of 30GB with home phone for the same $75 rate." (Telecom recently boosted data on its $85 plan to 50GB).

Mr Callander turned shy on the topic of how many customers have turned on Slingshot's recently introduced Global Mode. Neither would he tell NBR ONLINE whether the ISP has been approached by any content makers or distributors.

Comments and questions

What about those loyal customers who are already on the $69 plan? Do we get the extra gigs?

Good question Pat - I've put it to Mark at Slingshot.

I agree, great question. Please touch base with the Contact Centre and they will look after you. There is nothing more important than looking after loyal customers.

A whole $6 savings per month. That is sure to draw the customers in their droves!

After using Slingshot before they could make it free I would rather use any other ISP.

OK, Andrew, are you willing to share who in your experience is better, because my general observation is that it is more dependent on how close you are to an exchange than on the supplier [excepting Telstra Clear, of course)? They are one I will never go near again.

Correction on the article's claim that Telecom has increased its $85 rate to 50GB. It went from 50GB to 80GB on July 8 and for the same price of $85, incl phone rental.
First time that Telecom has led the marke, by upping GB data to such a big extent without a price increase !

It's amazing how cheap you can get 40 gigs for these days. Good on ya, Slingshot!

Curious to see whether this will be available existing off contract Slingshot customer? I hope they wont make us close the current account and reopen a new one again...

This is also because Slingshot don't offer VDSL so people are moving to VDSL in their droves with Telecom even though Telecom has waited four years to launch the product.

Was all organised to get VDSL with Telecom and Chorus refused to install it even though I knew that given I live 1.6kms from the exchange there wouldn't be much extra download speed.