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Slingshot says its new $69 UFB plans will be cheapest

Slingshot says its new $69/month UFB plans, launching December 5, will be the cheapest on the market (most ISPs have their entry-level fibre plans around the $75 mark.

The ISP - part of the CallPlus group - says the plans will include a number of features of Slingshot's current entry-level fibre plan, including a 40GB data cap, homeline, plus three unique and aggressive elements: rollover data, a Global Mode for accessing content usually blocked to New Zealanders.

The speed will be 30Mbit/s down, 10Mbit/s up.

Like current Slingshot plans, the the $69 plan launched December 5 will come with a free 500GB online storage account with Mega (the service offers 50GB free, an upgrade to 500GB costs €99.99 or $NZ166 a year).

Kim Dotcom no longer has any formal connection to Mega, founded the file sharing service. Dotcom recently signed up to appear in TV ads for Slingshot rival Orcon.