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Snap poll finds voters split on whether Collins should step down as minister

A Q+A Colmar Brunton snap poll found that that voters are split on whether Judith Collins should step down as a Minister. 

But 75 percent of the 500 eligible voters polled said the Oravida saga and Maurice William’s resignation as Minister would not affect who they would vote for.

Mr Joyce told TVNZ’s Q+A programme he wasn’t surprised by the results.

“I mean it wasn't a great couple of weeks but nevertheless what we did see in those poll results, and I think the numbers behind those results suggest, it's actually still, very still on partisan lines, so it's the Labour Greens voters that say the Prime Minister hasn’t done a good job," Mr Joyce said.

"It's the Labour-Greens voters that say ironically that would change their vote, I'm not sure where  they will change them to.”

BELOW: The full poll results. Click to zoom

ABOVE: The full poll results. Click to zoom

Mr Joyce rejected the suggestion that there was a public perception of cronyism in the National Party:

“It’s just their spin, and I think Russel Norman and Trevor Mallard this last week -  and I hope they spend a lot more time on television frankly - because these guys just want to have a mud wrestle, they're not winning the game, they're not winning politics based on the policies and the direction of New Zealand," he said.

They’ve sort of decided they want to have as mud wrestle about donations.  And the simple fact of donations is that people give money to the parties whose policies and principles they support.  It's true for the National Party, it's true for the Green Party I hope.”

See the full poll report from Colmar Brunton here.

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Comments and questions

There should have been a vote on Russel Norman ,Winston Peters,Plus some Labour MPs sneaking off to the rented property of Dotcom,and what deals were discussed by the three mentioned opposition parties.Surely to even be involved with that person, certainly deserved scrutiny.and what was or is their agenda.

With all due respect Steven Joyce you are hopeful with that kind of response - probably as you are the chief strategist for National and its going pear shaped at the moment

Must be about time you reviewed your strategy and deflated your swollen head and listened to the people - not just on the damage of the last few weeks but people are turning away from your BS spin that all is well out there and the recovery is in place etc etc.

That's not what the man in the street is seeing or feeling - maybe start mingling with real people and listen instead of mingling with only those who stroke your ego.

Then you will understand and be able to tweak your model and then will win the election

Your current PR model and election strategy is an old and tired model - you need to reinvigorate your strategy.

"Mr Joyce rejected the suggestion that there was a public perception of cronyism in the National Party. “It’s just their spin..."

"Pollster Gary Morgan says, “Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows a large drop in support for National (42.5%, down 6%) after the scandals plaguing National claimed their first victim"...If Mr Morgan's scandal theory is correct, there could be worse to come for the government. His company's poll was mostly wrapped up by the time of Maurice Williamson's resignation, and missed the latest Oravida developments."

So who's spinning who?

National needs a wake up call.

This is a very good one.

Her ego prevents her going + she does the white gender balance tick

Opportunistic impulse Polls like this bear no relationship to the opinions of those who 'think before jumping'.