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Steve Jobs' superyacht unveiled (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Just over a year after his death, Steve Jobs' superyacht has been unveiled by Dutch boatbuilder Feadship at its shipyard in Aalsmeer.

"Venus" was designed by French minimalist Philippe Starck following a day-long discussion with Mr Jobs in 2009.

The Apple co-founder's widow Laurene and three children were on hand for her launch. 

At 78 metres, the all-aluminium custom motoryacht is far from the largest luxury vessel around (it's less than half the length of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's $US1 billion yacht, Eclipse).

But it does include a number of what Mr Starck calls "revolutionary" design elements.

They include large windows upright at a 90-degree angle, rather than sloped design usual to cope with head winds and ocean conditions. The chief engineer for Apple's retail stores was drafted in to design a special glass that was able to provide structural support.

The huge, flat windows follow aesthetic essayed by Walter Isaacson in his biography Steve Jobs, who sighted plans while the boat was being developed:

"As expected, the planned yacht was sleek and minimalist. The teak decks were perfectly flat and unblemished by any accoutrements ... the cabin windows were large panes, almost floor to ceiling, and the main living area was designed to have walls of glass that were 40ft (12m) long and 10ft (3m) high," Mr Issacson wrote.

A bank of 27-inch iMac's control the vessel, leading less kind critics to say the bridge looks like a floating Apple Store.

Venus is constructed from a series of slender aluminium panes, some running nearly 80m long - giving the craft an ultramodern look from some angles.

But from others its multi-tiered design takes on the appearance of an old-time steamship.

Mr Starck told the BCC, "Steve and I shared the same idea about the elegance of the minimal, the elegance of work well done," Starck told the BBC.

"It is not like a lot of mega yachts showing the vulgarity of money," he said. "It's a boat showing the elegance of intelligence."

Comments and questions

I'm happy it wasn't designed by a Dutch guy. I have only one word for it: Ugly.

beauty in the eye of the beholder not the wanabes who can only dream.

Should be in a kennel not on a marina berth!!!

Geez,that is one ugly boat.

Reminiscent of the Soviet era, or Bulgaria 1950s

That explains the shortage of Gorilla glass.

Without a doubt, the most vulgar Superyacht, to EVER float!!

Ugly boat

Ugly ship.
After the truly innovative and sexy "A" yacht, I'd expect something much better from Mr. Starck. Guess that's what you get when you gather designers of retail-stores and furniture and tell them to design a yacht.

for a man who was an icon of future desgin and style to be associated with boat like this ,i personaly dont think it will improve with age or grow on me

It is not a Super Yacht, it is a Super House Boat. Very, very ugly.

Amazing – consensus opinion on NBR! That is an ugly boat.

Ugly boat indeed Mr Specter. Will your firm be taking a class action against the designer of this monstrosity?

Agreed; looks like a floating Gen1 Ipod thats been through the waste disposal.

Its not a houseboat I'd want to be seen in, but each to their own.

To me the top two decks, being square, look out of place with the hull. The iMacs would look better if they were more integrated into the design, rather than looking as if they were just lined up on someone's kitchen bench.

I assume they are not integrated as they were expected to be updated every year.

The boat has just launched and they are already out of data as Apple released new ones a couple of weeks ago.

Corro dunny on floats

even apartment dwellers wouldnt live in it.
Ugly is an understatement

A lot of cheap comments from people that couldn't even afford the steering wheel of the boat.
A shame Steve couldn't enjoy his boat. I suppose the wife and three kids will do the customary maiden voyage and then sell the boat. A shame.

You guys are showing the aspect of our minds which is hard to flex, or to make flexible. I may not be explaining this well. Think about how that boat would be to be ON it for some time? I think it would be sweet! Sure, it doesn't look jazzy, but the key here to understanding why this may be a great design is to imagine living aboard it for a while. The openness to the sea would be unlike any other yacht I've seen. And what is beauty in design? If the basis of beauty is flexible--and it better be if we ever plan to live happily ever after with a partner in life--then a second, third, fourth look at this might be in order. Just sayin'...

It is still really ugly

#14 & #15 - Its expensive and would be wonderful to spend time on but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is ugly.

I cant afford this either but think it looks much better:

Money can buy you taste.

Well, I guess being on it you would have the best view for miles, because wherever you look you can't see that ugly monstrosity

But what kind of a sea-boat is it? Could it survive in comfort in a normal East Coast of NZ storm?

I'm sure Steve will be glad he never got to see the finished "product".
Revolutionary design aside - there is a reason why boats are built sleekly - 'cos that's what looks good !!
If you want to build a house on water, why not put some foundations down and anchor it to the coast ??

Looks like the south end of a north bound dog.

I hope they have an iBoat update coming to fix those pesky errors..

Wow Steve must have really been sick when he approved that design...

Looks like it might be waiting for the inevitable upgrades ...

Looks like a 3yr old designed it using Lego blocks ....that thing is just too ugly for words...

If you were sat pretty in that boat for days at sea I really don't think you would care what people like yourselves thought it looked like... Yes its different but my god it would be awesome to be on board.

I agree, it must be a great feeling to stay on board. At least so until sea becomes choppy. Then, it would be much better to be in a really seaworthy boat, not in a floating restaurant.
This is sea, an not even a particularily angry sea:
It can be much much worse sometimes, and a ship (and all that glass on a Venus yacht) has to be able to withstand it.