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Super Bowl 2013: The ads

The big game has no sponsor logos on jerseys, sponsor messages soiling the pitch, or distracting animated billboards. Instead, it's famous for its half-time ads.

The general consenus was it was a bit of a dull year, bar a risque young-nerd-finds-love effort by website hosting company Go Daddy. Here's a selection from this year:

Comments and questions

You should ad the Budweiser Clydesdales horses ad. Very moving.

Another one to "ad" to your list: The Rock, Got Milk?

More propaganda from the dairy industry. Dairy is not good for you, unless you are a dairy farmer.

It's important for preventing osteoporosis.

Link for amazing Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl ad:

My last suggestion: This is Scientology's freaky Super Bowl 2013 ad aired during "local" breakouts in major US cities. It is a copy of Steve Job's Apple cone-back "Think Different" campaign:

Did anyone else notice the serial numbers on the rockets in the Hyundai Sonata ad. E3821NZ. Think about it!