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Supermodels in bikinis promote safety on Air NZ - UPDATED with full VIDEO

Air New Zealand is set to spark more tut-tutting with its latest sexy in-flight safety video.

It has partnered with Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit franchise to produce Safety in Paradise, which was shot in the Cook Islands.

Previous videos have included body-painted pilots and cabin crew, characters from The Hobbit, Bear Grylls, comedian Betty White and Richard Simmonds leading a fitness class.

And who can forget Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan sharing a Skycouch with the fast-talking teddy bear called Rico?

The bikini video will be released online next Wednesday (Feb 12) and then start screening across the fleet from the end of February [UPDATE: see the full clip below]

As well as the safety message, it will promote Air New Zealand’s Auckland-Rarotonga and Los Angeles-Rarotonga services.

The viedo features a guest appearance from Christie Brinkley, who has appeared on three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers.

Other big names in swimsuit modelling – Chrissy Teigen, Ariel Meredith, Hannah Davis and Jessica Gomes – also appear but not New Zealand’s own Rachel Hunter, who has been in past issues.

Air New Zealand's head of global brand development, Jodi Williams, says the magazine alone has more than 61 million readers annually and the safety video shoot will feature in the anniversary edition. 

“This is money can’t buy global attention focused on a key destination and our airline,” she says.


Comments and questions

Some people just need to lighten up a little.
Good on Air NZ !

Just a great add ! Go AIR NZ !

Proud of our National Carrier and innovation. Anyone whinging must have very sad little lives.

Go Air NZ!! There's as many cool looking dudes in there as hot chicks so whats the problem? Great to see a company being innovative and showing intelligence to buddy up with S.I's 50th anniversary.. great exposure ;)

You guys are jumping the gun. The wowsers haven't seen it yet. This is only about it being filmed. Looks great to me.....I love AirNZ ads.

Go AirNZ, you guys are great innovators and lead thinkers.

.... can't say it didn't grab me by my eyeballs :)

More excellent innovation from Air New Zealand a brilliant safety video; what a great way to start your flight to Rarotonga. Well done!

Wow. That shouldn't offend anyone, except for those of us over the age of 5. What a pack of retarded garbage.

Still, good to see the Cooks doing well out of it.

Its just very clever marketing, look at the publicity this generates, nice work AirNZ

Go Air NZ, very innovative! We should support these innovative ideas, good for NZ!

Good to see Luxton building on Fyfe's style.

Soon we'll be waiting for an AirNZ advt with the anticipation that precedes a new HiLux promotion.

What about young children who might be present on a flight? Parents surely should have a choice when it comes to exposing their young children to over-sexualised content.