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Sutton talks down Mainzeal's Christchurch fallout

Two big projects in Christchurch are immediately affected by Mainzeal’s collapse.

Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive Roger Sutton says Mainzeal has nearly completed the work of demolishing QE11 sports centre and the Clarendon building in Oxford Tce.

“We’ve had a couple of phone calls with them today and we’ll be having more discussions with the receivers.”

Mr Sutton downplayed the ramifications on the central city rebuild, noting the dynamism of the construction industry as different players came and went.

He is less certain of the implications for Mainzeal's involvement as project manager for Vero to repair houses. One-third of the 90,000 house repairs have been completed. 

Mr Sutton speculates that the Mainzeal collapse might even have a positive, indirect, spin-off for Christchurch.

Construction industry staff might be prompted to seek work in the city sooner.

Meanwhile, the position of sub-contractors remains unclear. Some have complained about being unable to recover tools from stalled construction sites.

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Comments and questions

What an a*sehole!

"Might be positive" - talk about 'glass half full'. A large number of small contractors are out of pocket. My neighbours are with VERO and have been told that their rebuild won't begin until 2015 - and their house is unliveable! Just how much longer does Mr Sutton want us (I'm with IAG with an unliveable home), to wait for our insurers to replace our homes?

Confusing, probably because he's confused. Not his fault but did I see Richard Yan was the sole director of Mainzeal. If that's not a warning I don't know what is!

Sutton's hyperbole is nonsense, and he should be ashamed of himself. So many now very worried indeed about their futures, and he decides to play spin master.

I note that Paul Collins was one of the Mainzeal directors. How many failed companies has he now presided over? We recall the four or five million-dollars golden handshake he was awarded after the collapse of Brierleys.

Will these directors get golden handshakes now, too...? How much are they to be held responsible for Mainzeal's collapse?

The Christchurch Fiasco is unfolding before our eyes.

By the way does anyone know who is paying for the cbd rebuild? It makes you wonder how the govt is going to find billions of dollars in a major recession/depression to pay for it? If the rebuild was really happening then how could a major construction company go under and how many more will folllow?