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Baked Australian: Sydney swelters in 46-degree heat

The temperature in Sydney hit a record 45.8 degrees Centigrade (114 Fahrenheit) at 2.55pm today.

As the mercury rose, visiting New Zealanders particularly suffered.

Metro Marker software developer Ben Gracewood tweeted "So amazing. Stepping outside is quite literally like stepping into a sauna. Wall of hot, wet heat. Prickly eyeballs. Crazy but cool."

As he arrived at the airport, Mr Gracewood was asked by NBR ONLINE if he would be willing to kiss the tarmac.

"In Auckland? Definitely," he replied.

Another transtasman traveller, Richard Ram, offered "The 40 degrees yesterday was hot [but] you forget it feels like opening an oven door when you step out from the aircon. Yikes."

The heat has caused numerous problems, including transport delays as overhead wiring overheats.

The annual Big Day Out concert is on in the city today. Patrons have been advised to keep up their fluids.

Relief is on the way tomorrow, with forecasters predicting 25 degrees.

Comments and questions

And some of you still insist there is no global warming going on.

A few hot days over a few hundred years of records doesn't equal global warming.

And yet strangely Australia has over thousands of years developed unique plant species that requires fire to germinate.

Because it was already hot as hell there even before global warning.

Yep WTF, welcome to the kingdom of the blind.