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Tauranga's pitch to lure business – report in NBR Print

More than a third of businesses considering a move to Tauranga are from Auckland.

Bay of Plenty economic development agency Priority One – the organisation behind a recent billboard campaign in Auckland, picking on traffic congestion and Ports of Auckland's union dispute – says nine of 26 business it is talking to come from New Zealand's biggest city.

In this week's National Business Review print edition, Priority One chief executive Andrew Coker outlines Tauranga's revitalisation plans and how young professionals are heading back to the city.

One Australian manufacturer – attracted by relatively cheap land near the port – says its production costs in Tauranga will be similar to its factory in China.

Meanwhile, Port of Tauranga chief executive Mark Cairns raises concerns about two government reports into ports and shipping – before they have even been written.

NEXT WEEK: The reality of Tauranga's growth prospects: the money has been spent, but are people coming?

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Comments and questions

Way to go Tauranga!! In the medium / long term this is the only solution to Auckland's infrastructure and housing issues. More cities need to follow this lead.

Agree. Whangarei also has a good deep water port, lots of cheap land and high unemployment (in the region, if not locally).

They should be targeting new businesses as well.

Spot, on Ross. So obvious it is scary that it is not policy.

Totally agree with the article and comments. In my view the solution to the housing crisis is to move the reasons people are going to Auckland (i.e. the jobs). Look to incentivise companies to base themselves elsewhere rather than Auckland.

LOL the only thing happening in Tauranga is the port and Grey Power.

Obviously you haven't been to Tauranga for a long time, Anonymous!