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Tax refunds in 60secs by app

You can now get a tax refund online in about 60 seconds.

That is, if you’re eligible.

This is the latest marketing pitch from tax refund company NZ Tax Refunds, which does the work as a tax agent.

The company is launching a new cellphone application today.

The average refund for wage and salary earners is $464 – “the same price as a new Samsung Galaxy Mini, Nokia Lumia smartphone or entry level tablet device. Or a few tickets on Jetstar, one way ticket to Sydney or a big night out at a restaurant”, the company spins.

NZ Tax Refunds also points out that due to a combination of miscalculated deductions from salaried employees and wage earners, missed exemptions and rebates, using the wrong tax code, change of circumstances and lack of awareness about setting records straight means Inland Revenue is sitting on millions of dollars of unclaimed tax returns.

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Comments and questions

How many punters understand that this company and others like it are NOT affiliated with the IRD and that you can do your own online tax refunds for free via the IRD site?

Punters can also mow there own lawns, paint there own house and do their own groceries but many choose to pay people to do it.

Richard, we are actually affiliated with the IRD as we have a number of strict rules we must adhere to so we can act as a tax agent. Doing your tax refund direct with the IRD means that they will enforce collection on any debt that may have been created by your application. A Tax agent, such as ourselves, does offer a level of protection as we never submit a request for a PTS to the IRD if you have a debt owing.

H Chris, sure, but my the same token you can work out your refund on the IRD site BEFORE submitting your return, and therefore only submit it if you are owed money, so there is really no risk.

the IRD site is excellent and very user friendly, it's no more dificult to use than your app (or any of the many other similar 'services' out there). What you are doing is nothing short of a scam.

shame on you