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Key won't seek to remove Teapot tapes from file-sharing websites

The infamous “teapot tape” has been leaked online.

The recording, made during a symbolic cup of tea between John Key and John Banks during the last week of last year's election campaign, generated a storm of controversy after the PM alleged the conversation was obtained illegally, arguin git was a private conversation.

Mr Key said he did not authorise release of the tape.

Following an address to the Waitakere Business Club this morning, Mr Key told media he had not yet listened to the tape and recalled the recorded conversation with Mr Banks was "pretty bland" - an opinion shared by a number of people on social networks who claim to have listened to the recording today.

He said he would not seek for the audio to be removed from the file-sharing websites.

“I’ve got bigger things to worry about, to be honest,” said Mr Key.

He reiterated it was a private conversation

The tapes were made by freelance cameraman Bradley Ambrose who claimed he inadvertently left a live microphone near the two politicians as media were ushered out of the café where the meeting took place.

Mr Ambrose failed in an attempt to have the High Court rule the conversation was public and therefore enable the recording to be published.

The police are investigating the matter after a complaint from Mr Key. 

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Comments and questions

Putting illegal content on the internet - so youtube is worse than Megaupload as it is searchable.

What a disappointment that will be to Key's detractors. The recording is a total non-event that will have Winston flat out trying to divert attention to something new, now that his pre-election claims about content of the tape are shown to be nonsenses.

cleary you havnt listened to the tape..which is on youtube...under the heading 2Johns2Cups ...10min 46 secounds long...supporters are dieing mentionrd at 4.14 ...leader of act is discussed at 7.01

Oh dear lord. Whoever who posted that tape under that heading '2Johns2cup' is a dodgy man.

I remember getting a strange email regarding a 2girls1cup a few months back. It was abhorrent!

For your information, NZF "supporters are dying".
Unfortunately for New Zealand, they are not dying fast enough.


It raises the question. How did key get the police to do follow up this so called "non-event"? Why was it so worth their censoring, how was it a threat to security?

His level of control over the media is unnerving. Are we moving to state controlled media now? That's what it seems like...

That is rubbish.
Recording a private conversation is illegal. Full stop.

What will Winston come up with now to divert attention from the recording, now that his pre-election claims about the tape's content have been shown to be nonsense?

Has Mr Ambrose any credability? - "it was an accident i recorded it" & gave it to TV3 et al - & now I suppose putting it online was an accident too. Why would anyone ever employ this dishonest person

So the tape says nothing.

Congrats to New Zealand's journalists on their storm in the teacup that swept Winston Peters back in to Parliament. A proud accomplishment.

Private conversations should ALWAYS be regarded as Private. The jerk who recorded it, and the jerk that decided to leak it onto the public domain deserve to be hung up and dismembered, piece by piece...

It should have been released on day one by gutless key. Or the media should have done its job. The HoS calling key to ask permission to run a scoop is barmy!
Never heard of such a thing.

Shonkey hasn't got the time....but plod certainly has, evidenced by the recent farce involving 70 + and a couple of helicopters. I look forward to the joint invasion of You Tube headquarters as we speak. After all the yanks owe us one now dont they?

If you ever wondered just how drongo-infected our cops are, look no further than the grotesque operations of the Invasion of Coatsville and the Maoris playing cowboys-and-Indians in the Urewera National Park.

Oh, Mr. Plod -- next time you're looking for the mother of a baby girl who's been abandoned in harm's way, check the boot of the husband's car.

Some of the replies here are funny and someone is going to be seeking reimbursement for this.