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Up to 13 Chch schools to be closed, as many as 18 will merge

Christchurch schools to be closed and merged are named.

The news was broken yesterday to the principals and trustees whose schools are directly involved.

Some people were seen to leave that meeting in tears.

Hundreds of worried principals and board trustees from throughout Canterbury are gathered at Lincoln events centre on the outskirts of Christchurch to hear the news from education minister Hekia Parata and earthquake recovery minister Gerry Brownlee.

Schools to close include:

  • Aranui High years 1 to 13
  • Aranui Primary
  • Banks Avenue Primary, or relocate depending on geotech report
  • Branston Intermediate
  • Burnham Primary
  • Burnside Primary
  • Chisnallwood Intermediate years 1 to 13
  • Duvauchelles Primary
  • Glenoor Primary
  • Greenpark Primary
  • Hammersley Park Primary
  • Le Bons Bay Primary
  • Linwood Intermediate
  • Manning Intermediate
  • Ricmond Primary
  • Wainoni Primary

Who will merge:

Avonside Girls High will merge with Christchurch Girls High as a “dual shift” or may close depending on geotech report.

Christchurch Boys High will possibly merge with Shirley Boys High as a “dual shift”.

Central New Brighton Primary will merge with New Brighton Primary.


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Comments and questions

I wonder how many people who were staying so their kids had stability and didn't have to be uprooted from schools, will now leave and follow all the others to Brisbane... say 20 schools x 500 pupils/school... is a lot of affected families....

Silly comment. You need to be here and understand the damage and relocation of people in the community to understand that these sort of decisions may well aid stability for a lot of families and kids.

Yep, if I had known two years ago what we would now,we would not be here. Living in a broken house, in town that lacks the basics and resembles a third world. Nope, we would be long gone and that is most likely why they have timed things as they have.

If our school is one of those affected, and at roughly 20% of the schools in the city it's more likely than not given where the school is situated, we won't be staying. We stayed in the area to keep our kids in a stable environment that they know. There's no other reason to stay here so yeah we'll be outta here, and likely outta Christchurch, if our school is closed or even merged.

Careful with the Brisbane Dream - if you are a blue collar/shiny vest - then yes go for it - white collar - huge layoffs at present as Queensland goes through its own austerity.

I agree...but I recommend Brisbane (and especially the Gold Coast) is not the best destination for guaranteed work. Everyone forgets but it is not just WA that offers great opportunities but South Australia has some fantastic long term developments and rebuilds underway.

Adelaide = Christchurch

This has nothing to do with the earthquakes.

They are closing or merging many schools in the unaffected areas
They are closing Burnside primary and Kendall primary both in the undamaged north west - what has that got to do with the earthquakes.

Many other schools are also affected in unaffected areas.

The only reason can be that the Government knows that as soon as they give out cheques for the damaged houses in the affected areas that 10% of the Christchurch population will leave town rather than rebuild.

Christchurch is dead or about to be
Very sad but true

Good question for the Minister of Ed to answer re: why schools are closing in locations unaffected by the earthquake...

Our kids went to Kendall primary. I imagine both it and Burnside will be valuable real estate that can pay for other schools to be rebuilt.

Oh I'm sure lots of people would LOVE to live under the pylons that run through the back of Kendal School...

True, but that is only part of the land.

How could you have done that to your kids.

Kendal is the worst school in North west Christchurch and with the worst academic record.

Maybe it's changed in the past 3 decades. Our kids continued on to earn good degrees and jobs.

That really leaves me wondering how the government knows that, or found out, when nobody else knows.

christchurch is not dead just you for being dum this city is going to be the best when its rebuild and i bet you wont be saying it the so shut up we are staying and will never leave we dont take the easy way out

Burnside has approx $9000000 damage, after the bricks came down they found the old timber framing needs replacing too!

you chch people are get your city rebuilt for you with a resulting economic boom when everyone else is fighting a depression. I have to agree with gerry, you really are a load of moaners and whingers

gerry is an idiot and so are you with such silly a silly comment from obviously the comfort of elsewhere.

I left chch after the earthquake for work, paying the taxes required to rebuild the city so not sure where you are coming from apart from somewhere quite dark..

How terrible having to single handedly pay for the Christchurch repair bill with your indispensable tax contributions! Fact is you sound amazingly like a moaner and a whinger. For those of us who have stuck it out through all the aftershocks and disruption, we'd consider it a real favour if you didn't return triumphantly to town when it's all rebuilt and life is great again.

lost my house and my job but not complaining..what about you?

"when everyone else is fighting a depression"

Hate to hear you when you start complaining then.

Thanks for the support - would love to see your whining and moaning if your city was ever crumbled by earthquakes for a few years. Love the use of the term "depression" too.

Shirley BHS and CBHS are very compatible except for location. It will be a long cross-town hike for Shirley kids. It was 3 miles always a head wind for me even from St Albans and I was a mile the right side of Shirley BHS.

You're an idiot! SBHS and CBHS are not compatible... SBHS is full of CBHS rejects and we don't need your kids messing up our proud school and its history. This is a stupid decision.

Wrong on all counts. I had plenty of very smart friends who went to SBHS. and of course there were also some pretty stupid ones at CBHS. Segregation is simply by zone and not quality.

I doubt you know both sides of the story and possibly not even one.

My son was accepted at CBHS and SBHS. I looked carefully at both and realised that he was more likely to get his needs met at a school that doesn't simply judge kids on who their parents are, where they live, or how far they can kick a rugby ball. Your comment has just fully vindicated that decision. And SBHS has been great, I couldn't be happier. The last thing I want is to have him infected by the silly, pseudo-English public school rubbish that was one of the worst features of pre-quake Christchurch. What you call proud school history I call a large turd of ignorance constipating the minds of the next generation. Work that one out.

Yeah, because SBHS has such great academic and sporting records compared to CBHS (sarcasm fully intended there); have a look at the NCEA and sporting results sometime. This merger will never happen.

Heh...thanks for pointing out the sarcasm, I'd never have got it otherwise. Is stating the obvious something else they teach at CBHS? You're a fine advertisement for that venerable institution, I can see people queuing up at the door just to sniff your son's fragrant footwear. Thankfully it looks as if the merger will never happen, but don't assume that CBHS parents are the most relieved. (oh, and by the way, my son's team played a CBHS team last week and thrashed them...oops).

You are probably misjudging CBHS as badly as the other guy is SBHS. In fact the traditionalism at CBHS has a long tradition of producing non-conforming rebels against it - including from my era people like Bruce Jesson, David McPhail and Jim Hopkins.

From my experience, the combined school will work fine culturally apart from all the logistic issues.

I'm not misjudging CBHS--it's a good school that produces great people, just as SBHS does. I'm giving anonymous a wind-up for responding to your initial, very reasonable comment, with a sad little, invective-laden smear that simply perpetuates stereotypes. I've been in Christchurch a few years, I love it, earthquakes and all, but this 'school' zone' mania still turns my stomach. Still, don't feed the trolls, eh?

Try Again, say congratulations to your son from me, I'm so happy for him. I see you are new to Christchurch so that explains a lot as you will have no Christchurch school pride, therefore I will give you a tip mate, never mess with CBHS. I do agree with Alan slightly that there certainly will be some positives in this but I don't see this being a solution.

Yawn. Born in Canterbury. Grew up in Christchurch. Left for 25 years and came home to discover that the sad little provincial 'school pride' brigade was still turning kids against each other. I'll give you a tip 'mate', it's time to grow out of that rubbish.

Still really happy for your son, he must have a played a great game. It sounds like he is a real world beater Try Again, you have done extremely well as a parent. The best 25 years of Christchurch probably.

More bad news and I feel incredibly sorry for people who have endured so much and now suffer at the hands of the "planners".

All these comments about school zones and the rivalries and status anxieties on display are very interesting. Speaking as someone who has been to Christchurch three times in my entire life, it struck me that the place was riddled with quaint, bizarre attitudes and a level of arrogance and petty snobbery in no way justified by its achievements or attractions.

In one memorable conversation a rather stuck up old lady ("family been here since 1836") told me she had recently been to London and it really had nothing to offer that they didn't do better in Christchurch.

To 'anonymous', How old you are? Because you seem like an immature little prick. I think it's time to grow up and move on from the ''good old days''. You can like the school your children are going too, I wouldn't expect someone too send their kid to somewhere they don't feel suitable. But, you sound a bit obsessed, and arrogant.

Can afford to be arrogant when you are the best.

that is an uber least say SBHS vs Christs

time to get the government out. It is out of control in chch and eleswhere

& let Bob & the CCC fix it... now theres a laugh

Can't the PPTA make decisions on their own anymore?

Why does everybody go crying to the govt. for help when they are down on their luck and not expect the jackboots to show up and make terrible decisions that affect their lives later on?

You can't have it both ways. Take back control of your lives, live with the consequences .... OR .... give control of your lives to the govt., and live with those consequences.


Just another monster screw up by the small minded, greedy morons of the National Party. Every single one of their "Ministers of Education" have been blessed with IQs barely sufficient to tie their shoelaces and this is just another classic example. Basically, sacrificial talking heads.

These guys represent 2% of the population and multinational corporations and yet ordinary people vote for them. I guess they got what they asked for. Can't wait to see the reaction when this spreads to the rest of the country, because I'm sure this is just a try out for a national campaign.

To #28, the PPTA is the teacher's union. It has very little influence on this government’s policies or actions except after the fact, through strikes etc.

As for Jerry Brownlee, he is distinguished from many of his colleagues by one thing; his huge momentum (which is of course a function of his mass, since he is no quicker than the rest of them).

keep dribbling... we need the water

Sheesh! Looking at the emotive nature of so many posts this is going to be a minefield for the Government. John would have been wise to dance around this issue, as when it comes to schools, few parents seem to be capable of being dispassionate.

We need to leaven out why the changes are taking place, what is the rationale and how it should be amended for the benefit of our city and students. This will take a more "Adult" response than most of what we have seen on comments here.

Shirley is closer to Christs why don't they merge?

Gerry went to Bede or St Thomas' probably wants to get the knife into CBHS

Can't wait for the double shifts to start in AKL and other parts of the country - far too much money tied up in assets only used 35 hrs/week and <40 weeks/yr.

Wow, look what is happening when the West is told to share with the East! I'm shocked that they don't want to share, after all that the East has lost BUT nevermind, you West siders live on Gerry's side of town so it probably won't happen!

Don't judge CBHS folk by an idiot troll who probably has nothing to do with it anyway.

Mix with Bedes not CBHS

13 to close 18 to merge while National pays the apartheid industry to own the wind.

Julia GIllard ... are you there? Please annex the South Island.

As much as I am in favour of culling off the fiscal mismanagement that has us borrowing $300m a week, sabotaging the future of New Zealanders is the sort of crazy short sighted idiocy that keeps NZ in 3rd its word status. Education is something that generates a return, even if the average investment cycle is long and the outcomes hard to measure.

more prisons and less schools, I see something wrong here, am I the only one?