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Telecom back-tracks, gives XT users $12 txt

When Telecom launched XT in May, Vodafone was quick to point out the upgraded networks’ plans’ lacked $10 txt. So was Vodafone’s virtual network partner Black+White, which staged a publicity-stunt funeral procession for the plan.

$10 all-you-can-eat txt had been a hit for Telecom’s old CDMA network, helping keep customers loyal while Vodafone launched far flashier 3G services.

But one of the telco’s goals in launching XT was to encourage customers to spend more time talking and sending data, and less time on lower-margin txt.

At the time of Black+White's $10 txt funeral, in June, Telecom said: "$10TXT has been replaced on the new XT Network with a choice of three texting plans $6 for 150 texts, $12 for 600 texts and $18 for 1500 texts to any network. These three plans have been introduced to more accurately reflect different customers’ texting needs and represent considerably more value for heavy texters (e.g. $0.012 per text on the $18 plan)."

And it all looked to be going according well at Telecom’s quarterly update on August 21, at which the company claimed arpu (average revenue per user) was 20% higher for XT subscribers.

But today, Telecom relented and introduced a $12 txt plan for XT, dubbed Non-Stop-Text.

The new bolt-on option lets you send an unlimited number of messages.

An  XT customer can change from their current XT text plan to the new Non-Stop Text without penalty – as long as they sign up between now and 31 January 2010.

The catches: the offer expires in January 2011, and a vague fair use provision says your number of txt messages cannot exceed an un-specified historic average.

Telecom is due to reveal its first detailed XT subscriber numbers at its next financial update, November 6.

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Comments and questions

Haven't these clowns in telecom realized that over 70% of mobile users in NZ are on prepay and only want a phone for voice and text. Why pay a premium price for a XT network phone when you have no intentions of using it for mobile data so why pay for all the frills.
I also wonder how much market share has been lost to 2 degrees by Vodafone and Telecom. I have no regrets having already switched to 2 degrees.

Instead of wingeing do the maths Alan - if cheap text is what you want then you're definitely better off on Telecom or Voda, 2Degrees are a complete rip-off once you actually examine their prices properly against the others int he market

You have got your wires crossed I do not want a cheap texting plan. And by the way 2 degrees are cheaper than both vfone and Telecom. Sour grapes to those who do want competition. Have you checked out the fair use clause in this new Telecom txting plan.?

They offfer unlimited txting but then have a fair use clause.Then it's not non stop txting if it's limited is it .Just another lie from the telecon lies factory.non stop lying.

Where's black and white these days? Perhaps we should hold a mock funeral for them?

I saw a bunch of TV adverts for them on TV3..

is rubbish.

9cents a text means if I text 111 times in a month I've spent $10. $10 with Telecom or Vodafone gets at least 600 texts.

Do the math.

Telecom is the best network fullstop. 2 degrees is for noobs. Seriously do the math, Telecom and vodafone work out cheaper.. Unless obviously you're mentally retarded. Stop bagging out telecom, if they're so bad then why do they have so many people on their network? Everyone has different needs and I think that telecom caters for a decent amount of people, depending on what their needs are. Go telecom(:

If Telecom are so good why is it that Vfone has 53% market share. How much market share have Vfone and TCOM lost to 2 degrees. Telecom have always got an angle,they don't lower prices to do you a favour.

"2Degrees are a complete rip-off once you actually examine their prices properly against the others int he market"

Not really if you only send a couple of txts per month eg.parents who do not use their cellphones often

I find it marvellous, for when i go over my text allocation on telecom, because i still am paying nine cents for every extra text rather than 10cents, this actually adds up, its like for every ten texts i send i get another for free, also, the calling rates are a lot better on two degreees

I agree with Alan, I am currently on all three net works, sure I believe that i would rather use telecom ost of the time because i am a non stop texter, but even iwth that i am holding onto the old telecom net work because i believe xt is a rip off.
At the end of the month i am always holding onto my 2Degree phone though.
I believe two degrees is a lot cheaper for my parents, who can only ring and text a few times a month. :D Good on you two degrees, for making healthy competion.
Did anyone think of the fact that XT probably wouldnt have this serivce if it was not for two degrees.

If you want to text overseas cheaply then go for two degree's. If you're a teenager like me, we go with the cheapest way to text our friends. Telecom offers it at the moment, but in January when the non-stop text expires and they dont do something about it, alot of people will swich to vodafone.

ever since i have been on xt it always go down cant send txts or ring pepole up telecom ought 2 do sumthing about it so it dnt happen again

ever since i have been on xt it always go down cant send txts or ring pepole up telecom ought 2 do sumthing about it so it dnt happen again

ever since i have been on xt it always goes down cant send txts or ring people up telecom should fix the problem so it dnt happen again nd give every1 on xt 3 credit on there phone 4 a whole year

why did the unlimited txt plan expire for ?!!

does xt unlimited plan even still exist ?//?/??? f you if it doesn't and you *333 is s as w has happened to trusty telecom????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Fuming

yea as for pricing telecoms the way to go.but i live about 10 minutes picton and their is signal for 2dg's and vodafone but not telecom and yet they go on about been able to get their signal overseas when alot of newzealand is still not covered whats the deal behind that?.

I dont get why there are people making comments on this page without doing their research!!!!!
* Before you place a stupid comments STOP and THINK!!!!!
* 2degrees is WAY BETTER than any other provider.

Excuse my language but for those Losers that Love Telecom, explain me something... - Why does your stupid CEO gets MILLIONS of BONUS which is on TOP OF HIS SALARY when XT is so SH**? and WHY DID they not invest that money on the network instead of acting like a fools and making others loose money and business???

I would love to hear a good answer, because all you CEO says is that what happend was not expected and they are sorry, THATS IT!!

REALLY WANT TO HEAR a better response TELECOM!! I dont think you guys will still be in the market on the next few yrs. YOUR DONE!

I have just brought an Iphone and im wondering wether the $12 pan will work on it since my sim card will???