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Telecom boss: residential fibre launch next month

UPDATE: It doesn't look like waiting a year into the UFB rollout has hurt Telecom.

Orcon, the first of the Big Five ISPs to launch a residential fibre market when it launched plans in March last year, told NBR Online this morning it has around 1000 customers connected, and 10,000 on wait list for when fibre reaches their neighbourhood (see more on Orcon's UFB expansion here).

The other member of the Big Five to have begun offering fibre plans is CallPlus (which includes the Slingshot brand). This afternoon, CEO Mark Callander told NBR his company had just 200 active fibre connections - most of them schools or business. 

A big residential push is coming next month, the CallPlus/Slingshot boss says.


Telecom will begin selling residential fibre plans next month.

CEO Simon Moutter spilled the news in comments made at a Telecommunications Users Association event in Wellington last night.

Telecom Retail boss Chris Quin confirmed to NBR ONLINE this morning that the company was go for a March launch - but was mum on further details.

The same event saw Mr Moutter admit he was one of 20,000 (or around 5%) of Telecom customers hit by the phishing attack on YahooXtra.

Telecom's UFB plans will be offered for fibre laid under the public-private Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) roll-out.

So far, only a single-digit percentage of households have fibre running past the curb under the 10-year scheme as the government follows its plan to prioritise business, education and healthcare connections.

Telecom holds just under 50% of the residential internet market, making it easily the biggest player so far to launch UFB plans.

Vodafone - which counting recent acquisition TelstraClear holds around 26% of the market - has previously told NBR it will launch residential fibre around the second quarter (April - June).

This morning, it had no further update.

Back in September, as smaller ISPs launched UFB plans, Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners told NBR the Crown fibre experience was far from ready for prime time, especially around installation.

But testing a trial Vodafone UFB connection in Auckland's Grey Lynn during December, NBR found the fibre experience pleasantly invigorating.

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Comments and questions

As interesting as this topic might be I reckon Mr Moutter should get a grip on the Yahoo matter and convey something clear, positive and meaningful to his customers.
Telecom is an organisation that is full of flannel and this latest debacle must be sorted otherwise his reputation will become a joke like his predecessor.
The scammers are now taking advantage of all the news and flooding us all with fake yahoo spam messages ostensibly identifying a fault and how to fix it. The vast majority of IT illiterates will be sucked in further.
Time for Telecom Xtra to pull its finger out.

It would be interresting to have further details of this new spam message that you have described.

Please read the article for more information on what has caused the issue. It also points out that the issue was not Telecom's fault other then outsourcing their mail service to Yahoo. Yahoo knew about a vulnerability to their system for nine months yet failed to resolve it.

I don't think it's accurate to say Paul Reynolds's reputation became a joke. Yes there was the infamous XT disaster but I believe he handled that well, and the monumentous change he brought about during his tenure has been been mostly positive.

Smart move by Mr Moutter's PR team. I'm quite sure he's not using Telecom's YahooXtra email service and I'm pretty sure he's smart enough not to click links in an email he's not sure about. But it does generate a bit of sympathy from the general public... Look the CEO has been affected, he's one of us. Clever.

Are you kidding me? CEO of one of the biggest IT companies in NZ said he got tricked by one of the oldest tricks in the hacker book: does that sound like something he would proudly admit?

Goodness me,

Been on UFB with orcon for two months now. It's pretty flaky. Continuous router reboots are required, and this causes both Internet and the sip phone line to go offline. The 100mb plan has never delivered anything more than 60mb down, probably due to their supplied router. I'm lookin fwd to a more robust service being available on the market.

Though Orcon isn't regarded as providing the most reliable services.