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Vodafone responds to Telecom iPhone 5 prepay move

UPDATE OCT 31: Yesterday, Telecom offered the iPhone 5 for outright sale, on the prepay plan of the customer's choice - making it the first NZ telco to offer the handset off-contract.

NBR asked Vodafone about its prepay plans for the flagship smartphone. It's answer: there's no set date, but Vodafone will sell the iPhone 5 outright by Christmas. Supply problems preclude an earlier move.

"Our competitive advantage in areas such as our network DC-HSPA* capability and services such as Data Angel has created greater demand than we have had supply for iPhone 5.  We plan to have outright purchase of iPhone 5 to in plenty of time for Christmas stockings," a spokeswoman told NBR.

Telecom and 2degrees also have DC-HSPA upgrades underway, but Vodafone claims a speed advantage after commissioning independent tests.

Telecom first to offer iPhone 5 on prepay

Oct 30: Telecom has become the first NZ carrier to offer the iPhone 5 on pre-pay.

The new iPhone is available from today to buy outright in selected Telecom stores and online for $1029 for the 16GB model, $1199 for the 32GB model and $1349 for the 64GB model.

The carrier's prepay plans include a new $19 bundle announced yesterday that includes 500MB, 60 national minutes and 5000 txts - part of a fresh round of jostling at the $19 price-point between the three main mobile carriers.

Vodafone is the second official NZ carrier for the iPhone 5.

It did not immediately respond to a question about whether it planned to offer the new iPhone for outright sale and pre-pay plans.

2degrees is not an official carrier, but is selling the Nano-SIM card specific to the iPhone 5.

Comments and questions

the telecom $19 plan also includes unlimited calling and txting to all Telecom mobiles. Makes it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than anything 2degrees or Vodafone have.

This is only for a Promotional Period, as per their T&C's:

"Free calling and texting ends on 31 March 2013. Free calling and texting includes any Telecom mobile. Excludes landlines, special and premium numbers."

Ha ha ....Skinny goes one better - and cheaper....check out their deals!!!

Skinny who?? Someone give mouter a nudge to feed some marketing $$$ to Skinny, its starving and needs fattening up

all thanks to 2degrees.

2Degrees don't offer the iPhone 5 at all, so what on earth are you talking about?

He is talking about the plethora of decent ( in nz) $19 plans, which 2degrees started first.

In reference to the $19 plan

its an iphone big whoop.

I bought my iphone 5 from apple a month ago. Still waiting for it to arrive. real happy to know i could have bought it from telecom here instead.... ugh.

Skinny sold it before telecom.

Skinny is Telecom

Ya reckon? Skinny isn't anything like Telecom.....

Skinny is 100% Telecom owned.

Yes Skinny is a brand name belonging to Telecom

Marketing ploy.

All stores contacted said they sold out within an hour. They still have contract phones available. One store said "more prepay stock next week, come back then".

Telecom just wanted to be first to say they were selling without contract.

i think youll find the iphone 5 is the marketing ploy just think how many people upgraded from the 4s for pitiful difference in phone but to be locked into a ridiculous contract which values the phone at around 1600$ based on price differentials between the pay monthly plans that telecom are offering and the contract plan where you get the free phone. $60 plan from telecom is were im heading 500mins and 500mb +txt and no contract! much better than the cruddy plan vodaphone has me locked into at the moment

I received my iphone 5 from apple on monday this week. Seems better than the iphone 3GS. Goes well with XT. Seems to have a problem holding the wifi connection. Seems others have the same issue. Ends up using more 3G data.

Ye my 4S is like that too. It likes to just use telecoms 3G over the wifi quite often and even more so after iOS 6. I got 500MB so I just let it for general emails and web browsing. I'm using my 3G now.
My friend gets like 12Mbps (more like 10Mbps on average) on his iPhone 5 64GB on XT. But when he puts his Vodafone sim in he gets 1Mbps and sometimes 5Mbps occasionally if he's lucky! Tests done on Queen street and around the CBD. So much for your speed advantage Vodafone. Beaten even with dual carrier. That's just sad.

I'm not pro Apple or pro Android, but I bet there's a much better use of $1000+ than to spend it on a phone. Even the fact that the iPhone 5 64Gb costs more than the iPad with 64Gb is a bit tough to bite into.

screw the iphone - where's the new nexus hardware????