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Telecom forced to remove TV ad

The telco soon to be known as Spark has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority to kill a TV commercial.

A recently released ASA decision says Telecom’s ad for music streaming service Spotify shows a man throwing a TV off a balcony. The ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi and was part of a series of ads featuring a man with giant hands.

Complainant V Hansen said action was an unsafe action and had the potential to be emulated by a member of the general public.

Telecom said the ad was hyperbolic and said it had consulted with the Television Commercial Advisory Board, which did not give feedback that the TV ad was socially irresponsible.

It also said it has a large customer base and if the TV ad was clearly socially irresponsible, Telecom would have received many more complaints.

However, a majority of the ASA’s complaints board members thought while the  character’s giant hands were obviously hyperbolic, his actions were realistic.

Comments and questions

political correctness gone mad, It's a TV ad for gods sake, We see babies driving cars ads!

Dead right

Can't be too careful what The Public is allowed to view. Goodness me someone may run into a burning haybarn to rescue a chainsaw next.

So wait a min - the ad was upheld because his actions were realistic? Goodness gracious...