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Telecom offers free Xmas calls as apology for broadband outages

Telecom is offering customers free landline calls on Christmas day.

Retail boss Chris Quin says the move is "a goodwill gesture following broadband outages this week."

The company is also offering free wi-fi at 120 holiday spots.

It is a nice gesture, but what of formal compensation such as free broadband for a period, or cash or kind compo for business?

"We have well established processes for dealing with residential customer concerns on a case-by-case basis and Gen-i is managing the issue of compensation for its clients on an individual basis. Anyone with concerns should call Telecom directly," spokeswoman Joanne Jalfon told NBR.

Around 300,000 Telecom customers suffered broadband blackouts on Tuesday morning and Tuesday night, with tens of thousands again offline Wednesday morning.

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Comments and questions

Any detail on where the free wi-fi hotspots will be?

What would be good if telecom had wi-fi hotspots all the time, even if the data came off our home datacaps and/or extra datacap on our mobiles.

A no-cost effort. Everyone is on holiday away from the outage linked phones.

Brill effort by Tele-no-go legal team.

Good point. Plus I already pay for unlimited toll calls so I all ready pay for their free offer!

People like you will always moun for little things. Get going and think positive for a while.

Xmas day is one of the busiest days for landline usage actually.
people like to call all their relatives that they cant be with on that day, which means a lot of non-local calls - so free national calling on xmas day will actually be costing Telecom quite a bit of lost revenue.

What BS is this! I get free national calling anyway!