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Telecom reveals timeframe for commercial 4G launch

Ahead of Vodafone's probable* 4G launch tomorrow, NBR thought it would ask Telecom about its mobile network upgrade plans.

A spokeswoman replied, "We’re planning to launch a commercial 4G LTE product before the end of the year and will roll this out progressively as demand warrants."

There's no firmer timing at this point, but we do have an earlier statement from Telecom's CFO that there is only capex budgeted this financial year (ending June 30) for the company's 4G trial, not a commercial roll-out. But tomorrow, of course, the goal posts could be moved for everyone - so you've got to wonder if Telecom will feel under pressure to launch sooner, even if it's in very confined geographic areas.

NBR also canvassed 2degrees.

A spokeswoman said, "2degrees will be moving to 4G –  although we won’t be revealing details or timing of our plans at this stage."

It's worth noting at this juncture that the carrier is now in a better position to upgrade. CEO Eric Hertz recently revealed 2degrees bought a 1800MHz block of spectrum from Telstra for $15 million (Vodafone proposed selling some of TelstraClear's spectrum be made available to other market players last year as it announced it had entered an agreement to buy Telstra's NZ subsidiary, heading off likely Commerce Commission qualms on that front.)

* NBR understands that Vodafone partners were briefed on the 4G launch today.

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Comments and questions

I'd be funny if Vodafones big 4G announcement tomorrow is just "4G" HSDPA-DC not LTE, after all.

I wouldn't think so. Vodafone has already done a round of media promotion for the Dual Carrier upgrade of its 3G network, outlining how it can deliver 4G-like speeds with a compatible device. As have Telecom and 2degrees for their DC upgrades (more here:

Chris..I wonder what hey aren't telling us?
Tomorrow we will know. The others are ready.
What will each launch? 1st is great, but what about 2x2, 4x4 Mimo, carrier aggregation? One operator has a lady tested 240Mbps+ DL....

What a stupid comment when Vodafone have he had HSDPA DC for well over 18 months! No hope for the human race these days!

So neither Telecom or 2Degrees actually have plans... looks like Vodafone will steal a march, assuming the congestion isn't too vile.

of course, coverage will be a problem because in auckland Vodafone drops like a hot rock.

VF do have coverage issues.....just try holding a continual call on aucklands southern motoway past manukau to pukekohe off ramp - you can't.
So you think this article tells you TNZ and 2d plans. Both are ready to launch LTE now. One has the money, the other is trying. You work out which one is which

I have driven that way many times on a call, Let you guess you are using a iphone4?

Wrong. Never a good thing to assume.
Multiple devices - none iphone. Symbian Nokia, Andorid Samsung, Nokia Windows and others......

Anther person behind the 8 ball and posting stupid comments Vodafone 3G coverage Auckland wide is fantastic, If you chose to live in a concrete bunker or bottom of a big dip that is not the carriers issue

Voda employee?

Telecom employee working on the Telecom FAIL LTE trial? No as a matter of fact I am not

Sarah, obviously you havent tried the Telecom LTE Trial. Just read some of Chris' other posts.

Nope on either.

Rubbish - have you ever been to the Shore? Wooden villa, in sight of the Sky Tower; excellent reception on Telecom and 2 Degrees but not a Voda bar in sight. Nor do any of my neighbours - one of whom works for Voda and has a Telecom mobile so that they can be contacted at home!

Same, we have views of the sky tower and don't get Voda reception. Though due to geography I think our reception actually comes from Pt Chev so maybe Telecom's signal has better range.

Every network has its issues, and I think some posting here are being 'a little' sensitive in defending one particular network. I know each has its issues, in some areas more than others. But I also know the optimisation proof of these networks - from direct experience.
So others know you dont have to be in a concrete bunker to experience these issues. What annoys many is that a decent review of current 'issues' hasnt been done for years, yet millions gets spent launching new services!

Enlighten me, is it true that Alcatel -Lucent cannot even supply a Single Ran solution. Something that Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia Siemens networks have had for the last 3-4 years.

Alan, why would anyone worry? VF on NSN, 2D on Huawei, and TNZ in tender now to choose AL, Huawei or Ericsson. SRAN isnt the saviour of all troubles, infact actually creates reliance on one set of basestation/BBU infrastructure.

You can find the real story here:

And play lucky dip at getting decent coverage. Tried Vfone no thanks.

Yes - Alcatel-Lucent cannot supply a Single RAN solution - Telecom probably choose them - because they are cheap!

XT Network Crashes anyone??