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Telecom sets Spark date

Telecom New Zealand says it will change its name to Spark New Zealand with effect from August 8.

However, it says that while the legal entity names will change, other changes will be phased in over time.

Consumers were given a sneak peak of the transition as bus-stops featuring the Spark brand went up early last month.

Chief executive Simon Moutter says the transition to Spark is a massive undertaking, with a vast number of underlying technology changes required as well as the more visible changes to branding and signage.

“The technical transition to Spark is extremely complex, especially with so many of our customer services revolving around digital connections via our networks or the internet,” Mr Moutter says.

What changes

Telecom Retail becomes Spark Home, Mobile and Business
Gen-i becomes Spark Digital
Telecom Connect becomes Spark Connect
Telecom Wholesale becomes Spark Wholesale
Telecom Digital Ventures becomes Spark Ventures

What doesn't: 

Telecom NZ International

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Comments and questions

"Spark Digital" sounds like a luvvie-infested creative "shop".

A sad end for Gen-i.