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Telecom tops VDSL speed test

According to the latest broadband benchmarking by the Commerce Commission-accredited TruNet, for October:

  • Telecom is now the best performing VDSL provider (VDSL is the fastest type of copper broadband).
  • Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre technology show speeds far superior to any other technology.
  • Vodafone Cable had the shortest Webpage Download times from the TrueNet test pages. On live pages, Orcon fibre is the best.
  • International latency (lag) increased significantly from last month, with results across all technologies showing increases reaching over 200 milliseconds (0.2 of a second).

See the full results here.

Comments and questions

The international latency increases is quite worrying, especially for people using latency sensitive services, like VOIP and gaming.

Would the creation of another international submarine cable help alleviate this issue?

Non-VoIP traffic is carried over submarine cables today without a problem. A second cable to support the gamers? who should pay for that?

Of course not - the latency has been introduced my increased levels of monitoring