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Telecom, Vodafone, reveal iPhone 5 plans – how they compare. UPDATED with 2degrees' rebates

UPDATE: 2degrees, while not an official carrier, will sell an iPhone 5-compatible Nano-SIM card from tomorrow (Friday Sept 28), a spokeswoman told NBR.

If an iPhone bought from Apple's website or a retailer (or elsewhere) is brought to 2degrees, the carrier will provide a rebate of up to $1050 on a two-year plan, and a one-off $19 data top-up for those who go pre-pay.

A 2degrees Nano-SIM will cost $5 (credited back to your account) if you swap a SIM from another carrier, or $10 new.

The carrier also told NBR it Plus, in now has Dual Carrier HSPA+ on 10% of its network - and will have on 50% of its network by the end of next year - but was not immediately able to provide a coverage map. A spokeswoman said CD HSPA+ was live in parts of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Previously only Vodafone had bragging rights to the turbo-charged 3G technology.

More on that, and each carrier's Friday launch plans here.

A full breakdown of 2degrees' rebates (which expire Nov 4 and are all 24-month contract):

Click to zoom. 2degrees currently offers a 1GB national data bonus on all plans above $39.

Telecom and Vodafone have released their contract plan pricing for the iPhone 5, and opened pre-orders ahead of its launch this Friday.

As of early Saturday, Apple had yet to open orders through its New Zealand online store.

2degrees won't carry the handset, but told NBR ONLINE it is working on a Nano-SIM offer that will be released early next week for people who want to buy an iPhone from the Apple store, or another carrier, to 2degrees.

The iPhone 5 is the first device to use a Nano-SIM card, which is 40% smaller than the Micro-SIM card introduced with the iPhone 4.

The social media gallery is under-whelmed.

Don't bother torturing yourself by looking at plans in other countries. Americans and others do get better deals.

New Zealander's do have one consolation, however. Thanks to a little Commerce Commission leaning-on: iPhones sold here are not locked to a specific carrier.

So if, say, you buy an off-contract iPhone 5 from Telecom (and why not when it's $20 cheaper than Apple's website) there's nothing to stop you using it on a 2degrees plan.

If you want to pay nothing up front for the 16GB model, then Vodafone's $120/month 2GB plan is the pick of the pack.

On Telecom, you have to pay $139 a month before a $0 up-front option kicks in (it also offers 2GB of data).

Here's a quick over-view.

Apple pricing for a standalone phone pricing:
16GB $1049
32GB: $1199
64GB: $1349
More on Apple's website here.

Vodafone NZ 24-month Smart Data Plans

The 16GB iPhone 5 costs $649 on the $80/month plan, and $0 on the $120 plan.
The 32GB model costs $799 on the $80/month plan, and $149 on the $120 plan.
The 64GB model costs $949 on the $80/month plan, and $299 on the $120 plan.

More on Vodafone NZ's website here

Telecom 24-month contract pricing (16GB model)

Telecom 24-month contract pricing (32GB model)


Telecom 24-month contract pricing (64GB model)

More on Telecom's website here.

Break fees
If you're in the middle of a term, Vodafone says break fees are available on request.

Telecom has posted the mother of all break fee tables.


The cost of an adapter
The iPhone 5 has a new, smaller "Lightning" than previous models, which is compatible with chargers, speaker docks and other accessories.

So you'll likely also need to throw in the cost of an adapter from the new connector to the old. Apple has three options:

  • Lightning to 30-pin:$NZ49
  • Lightning to 30-pin (200mm): $59
  • Lightning to USB: $29

Older models cheaper
Lastly, iPhone has kept the iPhone 4S and 4 on as cheaper models, but reduced each to a single storage option.

The pricing:

  • iPhone 4S (now 16GB only): $899
  • iPhone 4 (now 8GB only) to $599

Comments and questions

Seems a lot more expensive than the iPhone 4GS launch offers. What gives?

Plans here in NZ are still very complicated.
2 degrees said they were going to make it simple cheap and easy... but that Reese Darby Dork keeps going on about combos.
Why cant we simply have fair low prices for what we use?
As soon as they offer "something extra" it all fell apart because the "something extra" was of higher value than what you are actually contracted to buy. It is just a joke.

No off contract pricing for pre order????
Nothing on telecom site about it

No, you wont be able to buy an outright phone from Vodafone or Telecom, for that you will need to go to Apple online. Perhaps Yobee

Don't buy then you don't need to whinge!! Better still bury your head in the sand so you can get your butt kicked more often..

Lumia 920 is better than this Hardware spec is better, Win8 is better and wireless charging is great!

*Cough* ... Win8 says it all. Haha

Yea it will do more, won't cost me a fortune and I will get more for my money. It has live tiles so I can check things without actually going all the way into the app. I don't need a poser phone period I need a phone that works for me and the iPhone just seems so sterile to me and I like what WP8 has to offer.

One choice for the masses *cough* ... iPhone says it all.

Great that Apple is keeping the iPhone 4 and 4s available so insurance scammers can't just 'lost' their existing phone for an upgrade

Telecom offering new $399 motorola or nokia for free at present if you renew your budget plan but won't offer anything on Apple. What arse, Telecom. I'll take your free phone and sell it to buy an Apple from someone else. Thanks for the inconvenience.

I love the new iPhone 5!!! I soooo badly want it but I'm stuck on the 24 month contract with telecom for the iPhone 4S :( any ideas anyone?

Yeah, don't get scammed buy NZs telco giants into signing on to a 24 month contract! I think its ridiculous that out of 10,000 iphones in the country on Friday there were only 35 to buy outright and the Apple store has a potentially longer wait than in store!