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Third presidential debate: snap poll verdicts from CBS, CNN, PPP

UPDATE / 4.30pm: A snap poll by CNN has US President Barack Obama winning the third presidential campaign debate, which focused on foreign policy, 48% to 40%. CNN did not give a sample size.

Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) questioned 500 swing voters in 11 states. It found Obama won the debate by a margin of 53% to 42%, with 5% undecided.

A CBS sample of 500 uncommitted voters found Obama won 53% to 23%, with 24% calling it a tie.

The broadcaster described the result as "a flip of the first debate", which the uncommitted group gave to Mr Romney. The second debate was tied.

Respondents to the CBS poll thought Mr Obama sounded stronger on foreign policy in tonight's debate by 64% to 36%.

The sample was split 50% to 50% on who would do a better job handling China.

Mr Obama, listless in the first debate but more front-foot in the second, again took a more aggressive approach.

Polls achingly close ahead of third and final presidential debate today

Going into the third and final presidential debate (2pm today NZ time), the race is achingly close.

Various daily tracking polls have the race tied, or Obama or Romney a nose ahead.

The consensus, however, is that Republican challenger's poll bounce after the first debate faded after Obama's comeback performance in the second encounter.

An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll released over the weekend has the face a dead heat at 47% each.

Electoral College maths favours Obama
A number of other polls have Romney slightly ahead for a 0.8% lead in one poll-of-polls.

But uder US presidential voting system - which allocates Electoral College votes to states based on population - Obama could win the presidency without winning the popular vote.

With most East and West Coast states in Obama's camp, and most of the South in Romney's, the campaigns are focusing on 16 swing states - easily the largest of which are Florida and Ohio.

After the first debate, Romney nudged ahead in Florida and has clung to small lead according to most polls, but Obama has held a narrow lead in Ohio throughout (although the very latest polls show a tie).

Pundits say it will be hard for Mr Romney to gain the 270 electoral votes required to win without winning both Florida and Ohio - plus likely at least one of the other 14 battleground states.

The third debate will focus on foreign policy.

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Comments and questions

I already voted for the President (it felt great)..

Look folks, no matter who you plan on voting.. hedge your bets and VOTE BEFORE DEADLINE>>

No rush, no hurry, just organized entry..


I just don't understand why people think Obama well do better the next 4yrs when he had a chance to change anything he wanted in the last 4 years like jobs.

I don't understand why anyone would think that a man whose opinion appears to change every time he talks to a new audience is suitable to be President of the United States of America. Romney would be a puppet menace.

I don't understand why we the people allowed Bush 8 years to make a mess and expect Obama to clean it up in 4. Yes, he may not have done all he said but give the man his credits for progressing. I mean he encountered a whole bunch of mess and still has to fight against a whole bunch of mess with a house full of Republicans pulling against him. Put yourself in his shoes and try and walk a mile with the weigh of the world on your shoulders.

Romney failed miserably tonight. He not only appeared weak on foreign policy, he appeared uninformed and ignorant. Astonishing! His miserable failure just convinced me to vote for Obama...

and didn't accuse a president of all the lies he and didn't accuse a president of all the lies he told her out that entire debate when a president who actually has school bully with done anything in 4 years except the imagined excellent a economy that we have going on now..

Romney kept saying "I agree with the President on....Iran, drones, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria."
What was that all about?

Romney plays a different character almost every time he speaks. Tonight he was Barack Obama in order to appear moderate and less likely to start another silly, misguided war.

I understand why Americans are divided on Obama and Romney. Different people with different priorities . Some more green others feel the need to refresh America's international image and others want to make sure they will always be safe thru strong military actions. Fact is that the American economy is suffering more then it has in a long time . Probably the worse scenario since the Great Depression . You make the wrong move at this point and their could be irreversible consequences. Nothing else matters more then this at this point. It's with a strong economy that you can provide safety by investing in the military and also invest in saving the planet . The grater the economy the greater influence you have internationally . .

Romney would be a disaster for the progress of the US in the next 4 years. He comes across as a sly individual and a lier who's interests are primarily the wealthy. Romney is completely out of touch with the middle-class and his arrogance is simply disgusting. I pray for President Obama to win the election and be allowed another 4 years in power to enable him to deal with a number of unfinished issues that could not be achieved in just 4 years.

All I have to say is AMEN!!! Romney is going to RUIN THE WORLD!He is only worried about making the rich richier and lining his pockets.

It's an interesting feature of the Constitution of the United States, but in actual fact the American people do not elect their President. That function falls solely to 538 men and women who form the Electoral College which interestingly never meets as a single body. The members of the electoral college meet in their individual State capitals where their votes are cast. The votes are posted in and eventually tallied in a Joint Session of the US Congress. And it is that vote that decides who will be the next President and Vice President of the United States. Blink and you will miss it, but the official result of the US election is usually published as a small story at the bottom of page 5 somewhere in early January.

President Obama's debate win was sensational! People seem to finally be realizing that Mitt Romney and the GOP have based an enormous amount of their election strategy on lies, hated and deceit. From the 72 million Americans that will be left without any health insurance, whatsoever, by year 2020, under Romney's plan (determined by two independent, non-partisan research studies available to the public), to women and minorities being drastically stripped of their equal rights because of his refusal to support initiatives like the Lily Ledbetter Act which enables women to be paid the same as men provided they do the same work (the first act passed by President Obama) or Hospital Visitation Rights which allows gay people the same visitation rights as straight people when a loved one is in hospital, Americans are seeing Mitt Romney for who he really is. From the West Coast to the East Coast and all of our our great country in between, we Americans are seeing from these debates that a Romney/Ryan plan will leave the middle class being burdened with much higher taxes while the wealthiest Americans pay less in tax because "it will help inspire job hiring" which evidence showed us in the Bush years, does not happen. Out of four debates neither Romney or Ryan could specify their "tax plan" despite being given numerous opportunities. That is not honest. That is not American. That is not integrity and that is certainly not Christian. Mitt Romney also has the highest disapproval rating, of all time, of any Presidential candidate, ever. Higher than Bush. We must understand this. The entire world hates the guy. We must be proud to be Americans. We must have a President who represents all of America and that we can be proud of. We are coming out of one of the most difficult economic times in our history in large part because of two wars we are finally ending. We are bringing our brothers and sisters home. But we cannot go backward. We must go forward. We are Americans. And we will prevail.

Blah blah blah Bush Bush Bush. Bush was a Neo-con. Neo-cons were refugees from the Democrats in the late sixties.

Bush, Clinton/s, Obama have all been mentored by Amitai Etzioni (born Werner Falk) and are communitarians.

Romney is certainly not the best candidate the GOP could have put up...but Obama is a freedom hating NDAA signing pseudo-Democrat that now has the right to turn the US military on US civilians and intern them without trial.

I guess it's not fascism when the DemocRATS do it.

my bayonet for a battleship!

My assessment is Romney has done some injustice to himself.

If people were wondering 'Can we really trust this guy'. Unfortunately the answer is going to be an overwhelming NO.

The impression I get is and I believe many will agree with me, Romney is willing to say anything to get elected. He wants the woman votes, he wants the jewish votes, he wants the independent votes and he wants the Latino votes.

The risk he is taking is that Republicans as much as they are political, they also pride in principles and being honest.

I will therefore make an early assessment that Obama will get the presidency because we can trust him more then Romney.

Snap polls, before anyone assesses all the whopping lies and half-truths Obama told tonight.

Obama made fun of Romney on Russia, but in his 2008 speech, he said, "I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression." [] "But because of the size, secrecy, and scope of the Soviet biological weapons program, we are still dangerously behind in dealing with this proliferation threat. ... One of the most important steps is for Russia to permit the access and transparency necessary to deal with the threat." Obama, 2005 []

Obama was wrong. Romney did suggest post-bankruptcy financing guarantees for auto industry. []

Bayonets: [] and Horses: []


Romney on Iran and the Sea? "Iran has much to celebrate, Military sources report. It has acquired its first military foothold on a Mediterranean shore" []

I had to laugh when they were talking briefly about their plans to get the economy back on track. Romney came up with 5 solid points including managing business and prioritising programs, Obama's only comeback was to better education, and that quote 'the key to get the economy back on track is to get better math teachers'. WOW, romney offers valid business ideas, and Obama suggests getting better math teachers. As if that will solve the economy's problems. Obama really has to go, his whole plan is to discredit romney instead of offer new solutions.

Romeny uses his credentials at Bain to help create jobs. Bain are now shipping jobs to China. So go figure.

Bad news for Obama supporters, is that Romney is looking more presidential material as the Election draws closer.

Rassmussen and Gallup have Romney clearly ahead.

After the 4 debates, after listening to the arguments, and Romneic flip-floppings, the bottom line is that Romney cannot be trusted. Romney is just a sort of con political artist, who believes he can use his wealth to buy his way into the White House. His arrogant "47 percent" comment means he is out of toch with the struggling poor and middle-class Americans. And he is man without principle, prepared to say anything his audience wants to hear. Yesterday he was against ending the war in Irag; and today he is supporting the end of the war in Irag. Yesterday he criticized the President for his commitment to ending the war in Afghanistan in 2014; now, as the debate had shown, he is in favor of ending the war in Afghanistan in 2014. It is interesting to think what kind of a president would Romney be? Perhaps worse than George Bush, whom Republicans have been hiding out of the current election's spotlight.

Sounds like a normal politician to me!!!!!