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Tiger Woods loses car

Tiger Woods is handing back the SUV that brought his marital infidelities to light and ruined his golfing career.

General Motors says it has ended an agreement that allowed the fallen golf star to have free access to its vehicles.

Woods' wife famously used a golf club to smash the windows of the vehicle, which crashed into a tree outside his Florida mansion.

Woods' endorsement contract with GM's Buick brand ended in 2008, but an arrangement remained in place that allowed him to keep several GM vehicles on loan.

That arrangement ended on December 31, a move the company says was pre-planned.

Woods has lost a host of endorsement contracts since the November 27 crash and had taken a break from professional golf.

Comments and questions

"ruined his golfing career"....ya think?
More exclient staff writing from the NBR.
I presume the journalists are still on holiday and the cleaners wrote this!

Nice writing Nick, maybe you should take up journylism...