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Top tweets about the ACT Party, its conference, and Jamie Whyte

This is a selection of some of the tweets about the state of the Act Party, its annual conference, its new leader Jamie Whyte, and his controversial statements about incest. The tweets below are in (rough) reverse chronically order – the most recent tweets are first. More will be added. [Read more below]

LolNats ‏@Lol_Nats 

Don't know why people are attacking Jamie Whyte's incest comments. He is just appealing for the Game of Thrones votes.


Dylan Bland ‏@dylanbland 

Might have to read up on Jamie Whyte. So refreshing to have an intellectual man running for parliament. These commentators are such hacks.


Mad Dog ‏@Dick_Prebble 

Ok Ok, even I saw the irony in Alan Gibbs flying 33 kms to our conference to say that the govt shouldn't even be paying for roads.


Mark Hubbard ‏@MarkHubbard33 

#TwitterObservation Left's fear and loathing of ACT is way disproportionate to ACT's chances. But their fear of free society is depressing.

Rob Hosking ‏@robhosking 

@MarkHubbard33 they need a bogey. Demonising Key isn't working for 'em


Rupert Bore ‏@RupertTheBeer 

A party polling less than one percent announced a rabid rightwing policy. Why do we give a crap?


David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf 

So what ACT is promoting is the exact same law passed by a Labour Government in the UK. Not really that radical. #rpt


The Ruminator ‏@RuminatorNZ 

I utterly reject Jamie Whyte's suggestion we asked a gotcha question. We could've made it worse for him. We were completely fair.


Tommy Honey ‏@tommyhoney 

ACT to build more prisons with the money they save from gutting the RMA 


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

Whyte's three strikes for burglary is in line with Libertarian thinking on crime and justice "if you damage my property, I reach for my gun"


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

Well Jamie Whyte’s Act didn’t take long to go from “classical liberal” to “insane populist sentencing gimmicks” … …


Dave Armstrong ‏@malosilima 

ACT promise more $ to IRD and serious fraud office. Intro corporate manslaughter legis and mandatory prison 4 tax evasion. #ofcourseimjoking


Tamara ‏@amiriteeh 

I'm a lot less worried about Whyte's views on adult incest and polygamy than about his views on RMA, crime and free market. #richmansparty


BK Drinkwater ‏@BKDrinkwater Protected Tweets 

Won't vote ACT, but far more impressed w/ Jamie Whyte than with his detractors so far - smug and shallow are alive and well in NZ discourse.


Brook Sabin ‏@BrookSabin 

Act Party transport


Andrea Vance ‏@avancenz 

seriously delicious gluten-free lunch at the #ACT conference. thank god for those extra donations!


Lloyd Burr ‏@LloydBurr 

No such thing as a free lunch with ACT right? Think again:


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2 

Media @oneforthedr stuck on incest questions to Jamie Whyte when right under their noses in Parliament 2 MPs r having relations w cousins


Graeme Edgeler ‏@GraemeEdgeler 

I may regret this, but can people tell me why they think we should amend the law to ban polygamous relationships?


Hamish Keith ‏@hamish_keith 

ACT now offering family memberships


colin espiner ‏@cespiner 

@actparty supporters have "put the phone back on the hook'' according to Richard Prebble. It's just a shame no-one has a land line anymore.


Lloyd Burr ‏@LloydBurr 

ACT wants to ditch its rep as a party of angry white men. Hmmm:


Ali Romanos ‏@AliRomanos 

Classic ACT implosion ths wk: Prebble makes 10% traction w last-roll-of-dice, 'back-to-fundamentals' crap, b4 pontificating prof blows it :)


Michael Parkin ‏@Michael_Parkin 

Prebble's speech pretty dry, limited laughs and cheers. Message essentially is tell your friends to vote Act.


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

ACT conference report: speakers are walking on stage cued by Sly and the Family Stone's "It's a Family Affair".


Simon Wong ‏@wimon_song 

"Guess who's back? Back again. Prebble's back, tell a friend" - Richard Prebble's new theme song.


Morehu R ‏@MorehuR 

I like the diversity, grey hair, white hair, no hair“@Michael_Parkin: Prebble up first at Act conference, "I'm back"


Andrea Vance ‏@avancenz 

Jamie Whyte has spent the first 4 mins of his first speech explaining away the incest gaffe (ps it was the media's fault).


Andrea Vance ‏@avancenz 

The ACT party conference had begun with everyone holding hands. I'm actually serious.


Liam Dann ‏@liamdann 

Philosophical reality: I think therefore I am. Political reality: Don't get your name in the same headline as the word incest.


Mad Dog ‏@Dick_Prebble 

@caffeine_addict @PeterDunneMP We are set to announce a candidate. Some bloody cousin of Jamie Whytes or something.


BK Drinkwater ‏@BKDrinkwater Protected Tweets 

Fwiw, Whyte dumb to answer questions on it, but correct: diff to find principled reasons for any ban on sex between consenting adults.


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

Good grief. Folk all bending over backwards to pat Whyte on the back, for what? Saying he'll do nothing about his philosophical positions?


Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso 

Richard Prebble's first day back at work. "You came out in support of incest...? Okay. We managed Roger. We can work with this."


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish 

Although, given Act's current polling, chasing the incest vote might actually lift the party's popularity.


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

I just begin to get my hopes up about ACT getting 5+ MPs (which I want) and then they talk about cousin lovin' This country man.


Louis Houlbrooke ‏@louishoulbrooke 

@marcuslush you disagree with Whyte? I suspect many will agree with him. But not many will have the balls to admit it.


Louis Houlbrooke ‏@louishoulbrooke 

Utmost respect to anyone who's willing to actually engage in discussion on incest, whatever their opinion.


Matt Nippert ‏@MattNippert  Feb 20

Despite Whyte's efforts to drag ACT into Randland, I see their conference schedule still shows alignment with the Sensible Sentencing Trust.