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Top tweets about Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil winning best blog at Canon Media Awards

The top tweets about Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil winning best blog at Canon Media Awards

A selection of some interesting Twitter reaction to Cameron Slater winning the Best Blog award. As usual the tweets are in reverse-chronological order – most recent first. 

Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz  

Good on @whaleoil for winning Canon media. Hope Luigi's sent his congratulations.


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2 

Martyn Bradbury posts a sad sour loser "remember when" about @whaleoil. The problem with Martyn, noone remembers anything he did this year.


Lew ‏@LewSOS  

The Canon Media Award judge for Best Blog was (drumroll please): Deborah Hill Cone …


Jessica McAllen ‏@Jess_McAllen  

Slater on the 2010 blog section, awks: …


Jared Savage ‏@jaredsavageNZH  

@dpfdpf I agree. @whaleoil and I share different opinions on many things - including Maurice- but he deserved win …


David Heffernan ‏@kiwipollguy  

Didn't disgruntled bloggers start an "Air New Zealand Media Awards" a few years back?@CactusKate2 won best blog? #CMANZ


John Drinnan ‏@Zagzigger  

Congrats to @whaleoil


Robert Johnson ‏@deltablues_king  

Astounded by all the outrage over Slater's victory at Canon's. I can't think of a more deserving winner of "Pest Blog". #itshouldbepestblog


Fran O'Sullivan ‏@FranOSullivan  

We can hear David Fisher heckling from across the gully at the Dairy Awards.#federatedfarmers #canonmediaawards


Lew ‏@LewSOS  

It's not an award for "nicest blog" FFS. I can't believe how many of you people can't believe this.


Bevan Chuang ‏@MsBevanChuang  

Mate, should I get a share of prize $? Lol RT @KiwiblogDPF: Why Whale Oil should win the Canon Media Blog of the Year 


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish  

People are upset because someone won something about blogging that people who don't give a shit about blogging awarded him. Strange world.


The Ruminator ‏@RuminatorNZ  

I'd like to thank my fans after Canon clearly read my #trollstroll and thought "that@Whaleoil bloke sounds like the best New Zealand has".


Rachel Stewart ‏@RFStew  

My decision not to play the #canonmediaawards game has been borne out by Whale Oil's win. Makes a mockery of journalism and journalists.


Cate Owen ‏@CateOwen  

NZ's best website is a content aggregation site and our top blogger mocks dead babies. I'm confused.


Alastair Jamieson ‏@AlastairJNZ  

If that's the best blog according to #CanonMediaAwards, I can only be glad I shoot Nikon.


Martyn Bradbury ‏@CitizenBomber   

After a far right hate speech merchant like Slater wins best blog, the awards should be renamed 'Loose Canon Media Awards' #CanonMediaAwards


Right Wing Fat Cat ‏@rightwingfatcat  

Very much enjoying the rationalising/rewriting history/hysteria that has been created in the twittersphere by @Whaleoil 's win.


Jake Quinn ‏@JakeQuinn  

The majority of people I follow on twitter may be about to throw out all their cannon products.


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist  

If a print/broadcast journo did paid political hits & used platform to be an open misanthrope they wouldn't win a canon.


Samm 0))) ‏@guyincognito420  

I wanna get on Bryce's tweet list so it's TIME TO BREAK OUT THE BIG GUNS. Cam Slater …


Lew ‏@LewSOS   

Blog That Makes The Most People Most Regularly Go Gee Whiz


Maurice Williamson ‏@williamson_nz  

Congratulations to Cameron Slater for winning best Blog. He delivers outstanding content on a shoestring budget. An awesome achievement.


Suz Burgess ‏@suzikyla23  

I get that Cameron Slater broke a very big story but I think the writing on other blogs is so much stronger.


Jem ‏@nz_voter  

They talk of @Whaleoil breaking the 'story of the year'. Really? The mayor has an affair? Fuck we have our priorities wrong.


Ryan Sproull ‏@RyanSproull  

I am extremely disappointed with how surprised everyone is about a mainstream media award applied to a blog.


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2  

@Whaleoil well done mate. Now make wife happy by announcing your retirement!


HarveySpectre ‏@HarveySpectre_  

Should writing boring and pretentious crap win you awards over "breaking important stories"?


Whaleoil ‏@Whaleoil  

Winner winner chicken dinner

Fran O'Sullivan ‏@FranOSullivan  9m

@Whaleoil Congrats Cam .


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist  

Whaleoil wins best blog. Mrs Browns Boys wins best investigative long form television. Brain Damage wins best holiday destination. #CMANZ


Whaleoil ‏@Whaleoil 

Cameron Slater’s Canon Media Awards 2014 acceptance speech [ AUDIO ] @whaleoil 


Rachel Glucina ‏@RachelGlucinaNZ  

Award winning snapper Greg Bowker shoots @Whaleoil after his win. Tim Murphy said the heckling was uncalled for.

Mark Reynolds ‏@MarkSReynolds  

@RachelGlucinaNZ Heckling, really? A bit ungracious. He might not like him but it's hard to argue he hasn't led the blogging pack.


Rachel Glucina @RachelGlucinaNZ  ·

Well done to @Whaleoil for winning best blog. He beat Giovanni Tiso and Toby Manhire. David Fisher heckling loudly. #canonmediaawards


HarveySpectre ‏@HarveySpectre_ 

Lol so Tiso already bitchily conceding hours before the actual event. I love the smugness on twitter tonight


Dog Mum Tangerina ‏@ColeyTangerina  

It's so incredibly disappointing and gross that a hateful blog filled with sexism, racism and general bigotry just won blog of the year.


Right Wing Fat Cat ‏@rightwingfatcat  

Wow.....all of a sudden the lefties & journos who were minute by minute tweeting re the#canonmediaawards have all gone silent! #sourgrapes


Mr Bomberbastic ‏@BradGibbons  

And the winner of laughing at dead babies/people category (drumroll): @Whaleoil


Belinda McCammon ‏@BelMcCammon  

@Whaleoil Does this make you MSM now? #congratulations


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery  

Whale wins at the Canon awards. Meanwhile "NZ tumbles in education ranking". Don't pretend these aren't related... …


Cate Owen ‏@CateOwen  

Man Who Mocks Dead Baby's Names in Blog Wins Best Blog.


Whaleoil ‏@Whaleoil  

#winner #canonmediaawards


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery  

Australia has The Piping Shrike, the UK has Stumbling and Mumbling, Leftfootforward and many others. We have Whaleoil. lol.


awg ‏@AdamGoodallYes  

the award is 'best blog' not 'best single story broken by a blog that is otherwise filled with hate and filler and sexism and ugliness'




@ClintVSmith Whaleoil is NZ's best blog at the #canonmediaawards - Hey Clint; are we pleased about that? @Whaleoil


Rachel Glucina ‏@RachelGlucinaNZ 

Well done to @Whaleoil for winning best blog. He beat Giovanni Tiso and Toby Manhire. David Fisher heckling loudly. #canonmediaawards


Miriyana Alexander ‏@miriyananz  

Mainstream media a lot snobby when @Whaleoil wins best blog. He did break the story of the year #justsaying #canonmediaawards

Mark Reynolds ‏@MarkSReynolds  

@miriyananz @Whaleoil He has influenced and led media agendas - so probably why he won. He is also most followed.


Martyn Bradbury ‏@CitizenBomber  

How appalling that a hate speech merchant like whaleoil wins best blog at#canonmediaawards


David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf  

Congrats to @Whaleoil for deservedly winning best blog at the Canon Media Awards.


HarveySpectre ‏@HarveySpectre_  

Best part of @Whaleoil winning is how bent out of shape the left twitterati will get.


Greer Berry ‏@GreerBerry  

I just can't even... #bestblog #canonmediaawards


Chris Keall ‏@ChrisKeall  

.@Whaleoil blogster of the year for breaking Len Brown story. Judge Deborah Hill Cone. Cam booed during speech w jabs at Fisher, Vance


Cate Owen ‏@CateOwen  

Whaleoil? Seriously?


Jarrod Gilbert ‏@JarrodGilbertNZ  

@Whaleoil you could have been graceful but you were a c**t. What a shame.


Slartibartfast ‏@mikekilpatrick  

I think if I had ever won a Canon Media Award (I haven't and never will) it would be soured by that f**kwit WhaleOil winning one.


ashleigh young ‏@ashleigh_young  

Whale Oil wins best blog. This is not happening this is not happening


Rachel Cunliffe ‏@cre8d  

Congratulations to our client @whaleoil for winning best blog at #cmanz#canonmediaawards !


Claire Trevett ‏@CTrevettNZH  

Mr @Whaleoil shaping up for longer speech than Wallo. Says his lawyer said to show "grace and humility" but they sounded like hooker names.


Tim Murphy ‏@tmurphyNZH  

Whaleoil wins best blog. Of course. And he is praised for mainstream shoe-leather reporting #canonmediaawards

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