Top tweets about Dotcom’s Internet Mana Party F* John Key video

Bryce Edwards

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This is a sample of some of the more interesting tweets about the controversy over the Internet Mana video, Join the Revolution – Change the Government. The most recent tweets are first.

Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

Top search results for "thuggery and megalomania" are for Kim Dotcom, thanks to@chrishipkins. Coming second: Robert Mugabe.


Scott Simpson ‏@ScottSimpsonMP 

Mana candidate tried to distance herself from KDC actions & video by saying 'that's the Internet Party' at a candidates mtg this morning.


Patrick Gower ‏@patrickgowernz 

Labour spend way too much time talking about Kim Dotcom. At least this is a orchestrated, but panicked, attack.


Stuart Nash @StuartANash ·

@chrishipkins v dangerous when megalomania meets disaffected. Totally irresponsible behaviour & no place for it in NZ politics - or society


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

@chrishipkins You do realise the crowd was chanting that before Dotcom was even in the building? Do you know the history of the chant?


Danyl Mclauchlan @danylmc ·

Have the politicians outraged about drunken mobs chanting obscenities ever watched themselves during Question Time?


Matthew Hooton @MatthewHootonNZ · 

Good to see @chrishipkins speaking out against the Munich Beer Hall lot. Will@DavidCunliffeMP back him up?


Max Dillon Coyle ‏@MaxDCoyle 

Amazed the painting of Dotcom as a nazi continues by the NZ Herald, Crosby/Textor playbook or straight up McCully/Joyce/Currie/Roughan?


Chris Hipkins @chrishipkins ·

Sad to see argument the only way to get young ppl to vote is to fill them with anger & resentment. This from the party of free information!


Matthew Hooton @MatthewHootonNZ

Laila Harre defends IMP using "f* John Key" video as party advert, & tries to blame me for the controversy. …


Reed Fleming ‏@reedfleming  

The most offensive thing about the Internet Mana video is that they felt the need to bleep "f*".


Chris Hipkins @chrishipkins ·

I want more young NZers to vote to be heard, not because they're being wound up & manipulated by the worst kind of cynicism and thuggery


Chris Hipkins @chrishipkins

Getting a bunch of people drunk and getting them to chant abuse isn't political leadership. It's thuggery and megalomania intertwined.


LailaHarré ‏@LailaHarreMP 

Like yeah young peeps dont know this Nazi shit cause they have German friends like online yeah so #f*johnkey whatever, freedom, #f*usa


Philip Matthews @secondzeit · 

I'd expect Winston Peters (maybe) to get fogey-ish about the John Key chant, but not Labour MPs. Embarrassing for them.


Chris Hipkins ‏@chrishipkins 

Finally had a chance to see the Dotcom video everyone's talking about. It's alarming. No place for that kind of thuggery in NZ politics


Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso 

Evidence that this worrying Nazism trend in New Zealand predates Kim Dotcom's arrival by over 20 years. The man is diabolical. #rttprt


Bevan Chuang ‏@MsBevanChuang 

"F*** John Key" only appeal 2 certain youth. Most would b disgusted. rt @nzherald Crowd's call likened to Nazi chant: 


Greg Boyed ‏@GregBoyed 

Watching Laila Harre making excuses and explain away Dotcom's antics looks more and more like Joan Baez fronting Kraftwerk #dotcom


Jem S. Thompson ‏@nz_voter 

So when are we expecting Dotcom to jump the shark?


Paul Harper ‏@pauljmharper 

In fact, isn't drawing that conclusion because Kim Dotcom is German just a tad racist?


herkinderkin ‏@herkinderkin 

#INTERNETMANA Kim Dotcom's use of Nazi rally style campaigning is chilling. Heil Hone, anyone?


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

Further advisory: if you think that when people thrust one hand in the air at a hip hop gig it’s a Nazi salute … steer clear of hip hop gigs


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

Pop quiz: which NZ political party elected someone with alleged neo-Nazi associations as its vice president?


Pete George ‏@PeteDGeorge 

@TheNBR Orchestrated or not, @InternetPartyNZ chose to edit and post the video. Another Dotcom bomb and Harre's hill got steeper and higher.


Lloyd Burr ‏@LloydBurr 

So is this Dotcom 'F@#k JK' thing news if it's two weeks old?


Clint Smith ‏@ClintVSmith 

This Key vs Dotcom thing is getting weird. Shouldn't Key be offering, you know, a vision for NZ, not bickering with his nemesis?


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

I remember at Uni we used to say f* Lockwood Smith A LOT. I was a Nazi and I NEVER EVEN KNEW! There was a lot of drinking, but still.


David Slack ‏@DavidSlack 

Kim Dotcom visits food bank. Or as Slater, Farrar and Hooton put it HE'S JUST INVADED POORLAND!!!


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish 

Theory # 1: Kim Dotcom is not a Nazi, and doesn't intend to launch any sort of putsch.


Russell Brown @publicaddress

Just a heads-up: The first song on tomorrow’s Shihad session for @nzherald also speaks harshly of the Prime Minister. Horrifying.


Lloyd Burr ‏@LloydBurr 

Dotcom's 'F@#k JK' speech was exactly the same in Welly. Including the 'I'll give you all a hug'. Listen here: …


Not Tim Groser ‏@NotTimGroser 

Kim Dotcom's supporters chanted "f* John Key". This is how fascism always starts: light swearing and opposing free trade deals.


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

Dressed in black but no mention of Nazi-style chanting. Dotcom in Nelson yesterday. …


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

Orchestrated litany dept: today, Slater, Farrar and @MatthewHootonNZ have all separately compared Kim Dotcom to Hitler/Nazis.


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

@secondzeit think Dotcom is meant to be Hitler everyone in InternetMana his Nazi followers. Love these highly cerebral political discussions


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

General Advisory: A bunch of kids doing a rude chant about the Prime Minister is not “just like the Nazis”. That is all.

Rob Hosking ‏@robhosking 

@publicaddress if they're led in the chant by a dodgy german who collects nazi memorabilia ....maybe a bit like the nazis


Ana Samways ‏@AnaSamways 

Inciting hate in Christchurch with Kim Dot Com... 


Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ 

Feels a bit like a Munich Beer Hall in the 1920s. 


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