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Top tweets about Kim Dotcom’s new Internet Party

This is a selection of some of the tweets about the emerging Internet Party being established by Kim Dotcom. The tweets below are in (rough) reverse chronically order – the most recent tweets are first. 


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2

Kim Dot Com is the new Owen Glenn of NZ politics


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish

Feeling a bit left out, because I haven't formed a new political party.


Sir Damian Christie ‏@damianchristie

A few days ago I spoke to a journalist who's joining the @KimDotcom campaign team. Wasn't Al or Martyn. Wonder how many others there are.


Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc

went to Scoop to look for Alastair Thompson statement, and,

Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2

@toby_etc went to Standard for some commentary, and, oops


Bronwyn Hayward ‏@BMHayward

Has Kim Dot Com got the NZ Electoral Commission OK for the new logo, colours and name? Ditto with the Civilian? #PirateParties #JustAsking

Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth

No application to register Internet Party (or a logo) has been announced by Electoral Commission @nomlah @BMHayward @irihapeta @danylmc


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish

If any new political party people want to pay for spectacularly bad strategy advice, let me know. My consulting business is now operating


Laura McQuillan ‏@mcquillanatorz

How come Kim Dotcom got a journalist to register his website for him? I thought he was pro at the internet


Kalena ‏@kalenaziv

People selling 'free' tickets to Kim Dotcom's party for profit on trademe. How ironic.


Rupert Bore ‏@RupertTheBeer

Just had this image of Bomber spreading the word of the workers revolution in the McMansion suburbs of Greenhithe and Schnapper Rock.


Lewis Holden ‏@LJ_Holden

Why was the #InternetParty doc a hard copy? #softcopy


Brook Sabin ‏@BrookSabin

Kim Dotcom's rep says Internet Party will not be launched on Monday. Likely in next few weeks.


NZ Election Ads ‏@NZElectionAds

What a start to the election year! Looking forward to seeing some ads from the#InternetParty and @KimDotcom


Chris Keall ‏@ChrisKeall

Would certainly be surreal if @althecat or @CitizenBomber stand for a party founded by someone who donated $50K to John Banks


Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth

agreeing w/ @publicaddress that todat be cray and @megapope that 2014 going to be a batshit cray year in politics


CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister

FWIW, I support internet freedom but I was never so naive as 2 think Dotcom was a socialist.


Oliver Woods ‏@oiwoods

I would seriously consider voting for @KimDotcom. If he talks about abolishing the#GCSB, I'll happily support him all the way!


Keith Ng ‏@keith_ng

@kylemacd @AceMcWicked @kaupapa If I was being cynical, I'd argue that being a key political player would make him nightmarish to extradite.


CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister

how is it that a very vocal 'anti-capitalist' strives 2 be part of a capitalist project?#hypocrite


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2


@Ellipsister @Inventory2 yes Kim Dot Com is the "ultimate capitalist" according to the author of his book


Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ

Will the unions keep funding @TheDailyBlogNZ now its editor is a paid consultant to a party other than @nzlabour @NZGreens and Mana? #nzpol


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2

"I don't want 2 get involved in politics it's messy. Why would I do that" - @dfisherjournobook on Dot Com


Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc

The party party is not about the party.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

The Internet Party will be launched at a separate event at a separate time.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

To clarify - #ThePartyParty is all about the release of my album and does not have anything to do with the Internet Party. Come celebrate!


Ali Ikram ‏@AliIkram

If the Internet Party gains power I propose a statue of my father the first man to own VHS and Beta for purposes of dubbing in NZ #pioneer


Rob Hosking ‏@robhosking

Dotcom hired @GraemeEdgeler: the most pedantic, nit picky, fact-based person on NZ internet: then for balance, also got Bradbury.


Lew ‏@LewSOS

BREAKING: Colin Craig & Bomber Bradbury to join forces in a new party, tentatively named The Conservative People's/Internet Party, or TCP/IP


Megapope ‏@Megapope

Kim Dotcom should have just called it the Anonymous Fedora Pirate-Bay Lolcats 4Chan Party and been done with it.


Sports Freak ‏@Sportsfreakconz

Alastair Thompson added to the growing list of Kim Dotcom related casualties


colin espiner ‏@cespiner

Journalism 101:Don't pitch for political candidacy/advice gigs and write favourable blogs without disclosing link @CitizenBomber @KimDotcom


Tim Fookes Mornings ‏@talkbacktim

Can't see Kim Dotcom's political party doing anything but split the vote on the left. It'll defeat what he's trying to achieve - dumb stuff.


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress

Note of caution on Whaleoil’s very interesting story: there may be a difference between what Bomber wants Dotcom to do and what Dotcom does.


Idiot/Savant ‏@norightturnnz

Good reasons not to hire @CitizenBomber as a political consultant: he's leaky


David Slack ‏@DavidSlack

'Dotcom' is a German word for methodically compromising and embarrassing everyone in New Zealand politics.


Kate Hannah ‏@Knhannah

I'm finding it difficult to not think that the Dotcom/Bomber/political party thing is an elaborate Civilian hoax. Please let it be so.


Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso

So, Left unity enthusiast Martyn Bradbury consulted first for socialist party Mana then for internet tycoon Dotcom. That's unity, all right.


Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2

I think Martyn lost Dot Com when he proposed The Mansion host 300 sweaty volunteers for 6 weeks. #occupydemansion


Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc

Leighton Smith. RT @Sportsfreakconz: Odds on who the “High Profile Broadcaster” who will stand for The Internet Party in may be?


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey

David Shearer will also be acting as a trouble shooting consultant on issues of Leadership for Kim Dotcom #InternetParty


Tobias Brockie ‏@tobiasbrockie

it's hilarious that kim dotcom would have seen the daily blog and thought "yes, this is who i need advising the party"


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey

No one stole those documents from Kim Dotcom, it was "innovation" #InternetParty


KOSH / Dan Satherley ‏@radioovermoscow

First Banks, now Bomber... wonder how I can get in on some of this seemingly randomly distributed Dotcom cash...


KOSH / Dan Satherley ‏@radioovermoscow

@PeterDunneMP Any comment on Kim Dotcom's new party using all-purple branding?


Laura McQuillan ‏@mcquillanatorz

Kim Dotcom unveils "Internet Party". That's not a fullstop in the logo, it's a dot(com). RT@KimDotcom


Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso

The Internet Party. Dotcom poised to become the Beppe Grillo of New Zealand. What an exciting prospect - hey, who moved my vomit bucket?


Jeff ‏@red_soakingwet

Kim Dotcom's named his party, "Internet Party", usually an internet party involves closed curtains, beer & incognito mode


Kyle MacDonald ‏@kylemacd

Is Dotcom's party the new Legalise Cannabis Party, i.e. the I don't give a fuck so I'll vote for them party?


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

My new political party won't be named Mega Party. We are the Internet Party. Here's our logo for the first time.


Andrew Chen ‏@bobsalive

15k signed up for @KimDotcom's #ThePartyParty in a couple of hours. That's 0.5% of the vote, and it'll only go up from there.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

WOW!!! Over 15,000 tickets registered for #ThePartyParty. Moving the event to Vector Arena now. This will be EPIC.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

Incredible. We had 10,000 ticket registrations for #ThePartyParty in just a few hours.


Dene Mackenzie ‏@mackersline

Is providing free tickets and probably refreshments to a political party launch regarded as treating in an election year? #dotcom

Liam Dann ‏@liamdann

The Dutch have a Party Party with house music focus @KimDotcom affiliated? …


Colvin ‏@Covlin

Kim Dotcom's party should really be called the Please Don't Deport Me Party.


Eric Crampton ‏@EricCrampton

Will be curious to see the start price on the sure-to-be-forthcoming @ipredictnz stock on the DotCom party. 3%?


Megapope ‏@Megapope

Torn between immensely disliking Kim Dotcom and also hoping his party will bring issues of copyright and net laws into a better spotlight.


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick

Kinda suspect, tho I don't know shit, that dotcom will get votes from mostly well off, mostly white, kids who usually wouldn't vote Green.


Guy Williams ‏@guywilliamsguy

"How can the Prime Minister extradite me if I am the Prime Minister!" - Kim Dotcom. International super villain.


Sanjay Patel ‏@spat106

The party list order of Kim Dotcom's political party will be determined by the member's rank on Call of Duty.


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey

Expect this new party will promise unlimited seats,but really just be full of ads and not deliver for its customers 


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

My political party will activate non-voters, the youth, the Internet electorate. We are going to make politics exciting. More on January 20.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom

Get ready for low blows and smear against me and my political party. My attackers are worried. They should be. We will get more than 5%.


Eric Crampton ‏@EricCrampton

I hope the DotCom Party does well, if only to convince some that there exists a liberal anti-spying constituency. 




Comments and questions

Will be interesting to see what this party stands for and what are the implications.

I don't see this as a left wing party - more to the right I would suggest.

After all most of what people call the wealth gap is really a technology gap, and he may just enthuse technical people who normally don't need to be constrained by national level politics as they live in the international world.

Maybe it is just what National needs, a party that supports small government and less regulation, a party that believes in a focus on smart digital based services exported anywhere.

Of course they will have the legal hurdles to get over.

Does Kim know the maths? Yes Maths short for mathematics! Does he know that 5% of the electorate is about 100,000? He will not get that will he?

This isn't happening. Keith Ng's nailed it: it's all part of KDC's battle against extradition.

Ignore the garishness of the occasion and the over-hype that's sure to come with the Internet Party's inauguration at Vector. You gotta hand it to Big-Boy, he will have this Martin Luther King-esque aura after having addressed the faithful with an opening utterance not too unlike, "I have a dream".

As Kim Dotcom is unlikely to get the required 100,000 votes required (although I hope he does) I am looking at the opportunity to vote for him as an opportunity to exercise a dispute vote. Disputing the fact that really most who are likely to get elected cannot be trusted to live up to what they promise prior to the election. It is all just a big game ....and basically whoever can give the best sales pitch wins and most of what is promised does not come into fruition.

What is the 'electoral offices' problem with his party?
I hear mention of TREATING. But what are the rules of treating?
I'll guess it's you can't bribe people to vote for you. LOL...well that's all the political parties of NZ in trouble then.
But seriously, what exactly are the rules and surely KDC can legally avoid breaking them.
e.g. Charge the min amount that is needed to be charged, to not be classed as treating, then donate every penny to a worthy cause, e.g. Auckland homeless (via appropriate charity).

So I'm rather confused as to why the party has been cancelled, without a far more detailed explanation. It seems fishy in the absence of any full explanation. ....oh and boy must the powers that be be afraid. They've jumped on KDC immediately. Bet that wasn't the case for "good old' John (Dell boy) Banksie

Confused of Auckland