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Top tweets about Labour’s 2014 party list

A sample of some interesting tweets. Most recent first. To be updated. [Read more below]

Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ 


Congrats to @nzlabour list committee for ignoring stupid 45% female rule in list out now#nzpol


David (Andrew) Chen ‏@bobsalive 

Only a really pernickety dickhead (i.e. me) would question whether Labour has broken their own rules/constitution in their new list...

David (Andrew) Chen ‏@bobsalive 

278. The list shall consist of at least sixty-five (65) places, the final number to be determined by the Moderating Committee.


Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

Labour implements its man ban by chucking 16 male electorate candidates off the list.


Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

Staggering 21 Labour electorate candidates not on the List.


Reed Fleming ‏@reedfleming

Good result of gender representation reform within our party: we will get at least two was one new female MPs. Setting quotas works.


Laura McQuillan ‏@mcquillanatorz 

Mallard, Dyson, Faafoi off the list


Katie Bradford ‏@katieabradford 

Electorate only MPs for Labour are Trevor Mallard, Kris Faafoi, Clare Curran, Ruth Dyson, Rino Tirakatene


Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

@TrevorMallard opts not to go on Labour list. Shame. One of their brightest stars and most loyal to Leader.


Demelza Leslie ‏@rnzdemelza 

A policy analyst from the Ministry of Women's Affairs Priyanca Radhakrishnan is the top non MP on Labour's new list. In at 23.


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

I have no idea who Priyanca Radhakrishnan is, but go WOC. Go you good thing. …


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

Carmel Sepuloni almost beat Paula Bennett in 2011 - you'd think she'd be a bit higher: …

Grant Robertson ‏@grantrobertson1 

@danylmc strong assumption that she will win Kelston.


Andrea Vance ‏@avancenz 

The List (64 people) has 30 men and 34 women. 21 (16 men and 5 women) are standing only for electorates #ttrtpt


Reed Fleming ‏@reedfleming

Priyanca and Rachel will be awesome additions to caucus and are both likely to get in. Awesome result from moderation committee.


Tova O'Brien ‏@TovaOBrien 

No Trevor Mallard on the Labour Party list, electorate only. His choice. Wanted to give colleagues like Kelvin Davis a better chance


Andrea Vance ‏@avancenz 

Tamai Coffey and Priyanca Radhakrishnan top non MPs on Labour's new list. See Beehive Live for the full list …

Andrea Vance ‏@avancenz 

Apologies, Rachel Jones ahead of Coffey - she's the candidate for Tauranga and a owns a second hand book shop


Katie Bradford ‏@katieabradford 

Labour's list ranking is out. Highest non sitting MP is Priyanca Radhakrishnan, a policy analyst. 9 out of top 20 are women


Comments and questions

When the Labour Party prefer a childrens TV show host, new to politics, over their 25+ year seasoned caucus leadership, then that right there is an admission of woeful succession planning... and a sorry indictment on the depth's of their talent pool from which to draw from.

If Labour can't even get planning for the future right in their own party, what dismal hope does NZ have of them being able to manage the country for the future?

Where is the list cut off for a Labour Party vote of 25%? That's all they'll get this time.