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Top tweets about Matt McCarten and Labour

Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting tweets in response to the appointment of Matt McCarten as David Cunliffe’s Chief of Staff. [Read more below]

Cactus Kate ‏@CactusKate2 

With McCarten and Prebble back there's no reason why Judith Tizard can't come back and challenge for Auckland Central

jo ‏@jofromgreylynn 

"Matt McCarten is getting way too much attention" "Its OK John, I'll do my 3D printer routine again, they love that."

Mad Dog ‏@Dick_Prebble 

So we've got Matt Mcarten, Jim Anderton, Winston and I all involved in this election. What year is this again?

Te Hau White ‏@TeHauWhite 

@patrickgowernz do you think with Matt McCarten on board with Labour that Mana will do a deal to ensure Hone (+ others maybe) get in?

Steve Gray ‏@realstevegray 

So Matt McCarten is joining the political party that destroyed his last political party. Strange times...

Kaine Thompson ‏@pointoforder 

Matt McCarten, as a staffer, already has more profile than 2/3 of MPs in Parliament. That should be a retirement trigger!!

Tim Fookes Mornings ‏@talkbacktim 

Is Labour making a big mistake lurching so far left? I think hiring Matt McCarten, a staunch unionist & fmr Alliance party MP is a bad move

Craig Ranapia ‏@CMRanapia 

OK, Matt McCarten is totally amazeballs but before the bromance gets too hot let's remember NOBODY is voting for him. #nzpol

The Paul Henry Show ‏@PaulHenryShow 

Is Matt McCarten the Simon Cowell of New Zealand politics and could he get the Labour Party moving in One Direction? ...sorry about the puns

Jason Larkin ‏@northcsurf 

@Garner_Live Cunliffe's leaving the middle to Key and betting McCarten can get out the 800,000 who didn't vote in '11. Last roll of the dice

Duncan Garner ‏@Garner_Live 

I'm told Jim Anderton told Cunliffe not to hire Matt McCarten. Cunliffe wouldn't comment when I put it to him. Interesting.

Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

There are very few "names" in Maori politics. Matt is one. And probably the best. Well, as an operative. A blow for the Maori Party.

Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

What's gone unnoticed in the McCarten appointment? Maori. Matt knows Maori, especially urban Maori, and he knows how to organise us.

Richard Harman ‏@RMAHarman 

Matt McCarten enthuses about Shearer on The Nation in 2012. Says unlike Cunliffe people like him! 

Warwick Rasmussen ‏@beanbiz 

Isn't appointing McCarten more significant because it could help Labour claw back votes from Greens?

Michael Woodhouse MP ‏@WoodhouseMP 

McCarten history: Labour, New Labour, Alliance, Maori, Mana, Labour. More parties than Ronald McDonald!

Tim Walker ‏@hinauroa 

Matt McCarten is a smart political strategist & campaigner. Itll be fascinating to watch what a Matt-infused Cunliffe proposition looks like

Keith Ng ‏@keith_ng 

I predict that McCarten's appoint will be either a success or a failure, with a chance that it's somewhere in between. #commentary

Claire Robinson ‏@Spinprofessor 

So here's the thing: If DC was writing a person specification for his ideal Chief of Staff, would Matt really truly fit it?

Darien Fenton ‏@DarienFenton 

I'm delighted Matt McCarten is on board the mother ship Labour. #Labourwin2014

Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

Labour seeks to shed their image of undue union appointing a former union hardman. I love opposite day.

Peter McCaffrey ‏@peteremcc 

Labour say appointing Matt McCarten as Chief of Staff is a game changer. Shame what they really need is a caucus changer.

David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf 

So will the next appointment for David Cunliffe be John Minto as Chief Policy Advisor?

Right Wing Fat Cat ‏@rightwingfatcat 

@dpfdpf I heard they exhumed the bones of Micheal Joseph Savage & there'll be some sort of secret ceremony late tonight at Cunner's place

Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams 

Spoke to Jim Anderton. He is writing a tell-all memoir! and says contrary to@DavidCunliffeMP's comments he will NOT work on elex campaign.

Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams 

But Jim Anderton did NOT confirm or deny attempts to veto Matt McCarten's appointment.

Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

Labour just levelled up its connection to the working poor though, whatever else.

Michael Wood ‏@michaelwoodnz 

Matt famous in Auckland left orgs and campaigns for always coming back to "the strategy" when distractions arise. Good choice for Labour.

Katie Bradford ‏@katieabradford 

Asset sales, Matt McCarten, Jim Anderton and Richard Prebble. Have I entered a time warp and landed in 1989?

Tony @tcs0

Is Judith Tizard coming back?

Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

I think McCarten will be better for Labour than Prebble will be for Act. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso 

@publicaddress McCarten led the campaign to oust Prebble from Labour. How nice is this symmetry?

Duncan Garner ‏@Garner_Live 

Not often (never) is it big news when a political party appoints a new staff member. Heard the game-changer line. Isn't that meant to be DC?

Jerome Mika ‏@JeromeMika 

@LaurieFleming @Garner_Live This is about the political machine. John Key has Steven Joyce, DC now has Matt. Game on!

The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

Missing a chapter in my recent nz pols history- what happened with McCarten and Mana?

Jackson James Wood ‏@_jjw_ 

McCarten and Prebble both back in the game in one week. It's like the late 80s early 90s all over again.

Helen Kelly ‏@helenkellyCTU 

Congrats to Matt on new role. No one will work harder. Game changing. He and David will make a great team and even have a bit of fun.

Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams 

Mining Matt McC's columns for dirt he wrote about Cunliffe feels a little unfair, but LOL at the Cunliffe = Romney comparison.

Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso 

Although, come to think of it, McCarten was always supportive in his column of Shearer's centrist strategy. So he may not be so divisive.

Steven Joyce ‏@stevenljoyce 

I see the left wing of the left wing is taking over running the Labour Party. #newlabour1989

Warwick Rasmussen ‏@beanbiz 

Can't wait for John Key to counter with his Bill Birch announcement. #exciting

Claire Trevett ‏@CTrevettNZH 

Here's hoping McCarten continues with this new trend of a loquacious chief of staff. No longer shadowy back room operators.

Caleb Tutty ‏@Caleb_T 

Not sure Matt McCarten is the answer, particularly with the rocky patches in the relationship between Unite and actual affiliate SFWU.

Angus Ogilvie ‏@AngusAkl 

Wow. Matt McCarten back for Labour and Prebble back for ACT. Just like a rerun of Auckland Central in the late 80s. #backtothefuture

Giovanni Tiso ‏@gtiso 

Half of the labour caucus must be having conniptions. To be a fly on that wall would probably be quite dangerous.

NZ Question Time ‏@Alt_NZQT 

The chemistry between McCarten and Cunliffe is extraordinary. Great, but they're looking to win an election, not make a rom-com.

Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

The election is still not competitive but I expect Labour to fuck up slightly less, and for discipline to be stronger. #mccarten

Martyn Bradbury ‏@CitizenBomber 

Bad day to be an ABC

Craig Ranapia ‏@CMRanapia 

If new Labour CoS Matt McCarten gives @DavidCunliffeMP a spine where Winston Peters is concerned, he will deserve everyone's thanks. #nzpol

James Shaw ‏@jamespeshaw 

McCarten and Prebble, eh? #weregonnapartylikeitsnineteenninetysix

David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf 

In a response to Matt McCarten's appt as Labour chief of staff, @johnkeypm announced he has appointed Cameron Slater as National's COS

Bronwyn Hayward ‏@BMHayward 

Matt McCarten as NZ Labour Chief of staff is significant-Miliband in an MMP environment? NZ politics gets interesting …

Aaryn Niuapu ‏@tekaituhi 

Will Matt McCarten advise @DavidCunliffeMP to finally sit down with Greens and MANA for a deal? If so, could this be the year of the #Left

Dave ‏@caffeine_addict 

who is going to put an iPredict to see how long Matt McCarten will remain as Labour's chief of staff?

Rupert Bore ‏@RupertTheBeer 

Oh man - Matt McCarten vs Richard Prebble Auckland Central re-match. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. #nzpol

GCSB Intercepts ‏@GCSBIntercepts 

"Good grief, first Prebble, now McCarten. Can someone please check to see if Gary Knapp is sprucing up the bouffant."

Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

Hey now. If Matt McCarten gets this Labour Party gig does that mean Trotter and Pagani get more 'and on the left' spots? #heynow

Walter Rumsby ‏@wrumsby 

Is the McCarten thing roughly equivalent to selecting Mark Latham as the party leader?

John Drinnan ‏@Zagzigger 

McCarten to Cunliffe. But how many dead rats can he swallow?

Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

One thing the Matt and David appointments tell us is that DC is running a turn out strategy. That's both men's strength isn't it?

Dave Armstrong ‏@malosilima 

Getting ready to condemn McCarten for his links to Mana and Alliance but conveniently forget strong links between Nats & ACT #franksbrashetc

Rory McCourt ‏@rorymccourt 

Interesting if Matt McCarten gets Chief of Staff. Social democratic movement finally back together after 1984? 

Unidentifed Voter ‏@NZVoter 

McCarten as chief of staff, and Prebble running Act's campaign: only one shall survive.

GCSB Intercepts ‏@GCSBIntercepts 

Well, as it happens we do have a file on Matt McCarten, if by file you mean shipping container.

Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

If Matt is a left wing extremist, does that make Prebble a right wing militant? Fundamentalist? Dogmatist? Radical?

jo ‏@jofromgreylynn 

I don't know why he'd want a job herding cats, but if McCarten wants it........ Hell, Labour couldn't do any worse than they are now.

Megan Campbell ‏@MeganCampbellNZ 

Why the hell would Labour want McCarten?What happened to battling for the centre?If he goes there it's proof Labour have a 2017 strategy

Lew ‏@LewSOS 

"It's either an act of lunacy or a stroke of brilliance." Mike Williams on Matt McCarten. But who can tell which is which?

Kaine Thompson ‏@pointoforder 

McCarten would be an inspired choice if true. There's a cat by some pigeons... Wonder what will happen