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Top tweets about the Maurice Williamson scandal

This is a selection of some of the more interesting and insightful tweets about Maurice Williamson's resignation as a minister. As usual the tweets are in reverse-chronological order. More will be added. [Read more below]


Sacha Dylan ‏@kaupapa 

Do we want a country led by plonkers who can't competently help their neighbours? #rilly#nzpol


Sacha Dylan ‏@kaupapa 

You perform my citizenship ceremony, own a neighbouring beachhouse and have a word with the Police, and still I'm not a mate?


ListenerLive ‏@ListenerLive 

In which @CampbellLiveNZ offers Maurice Williamson a spade, and he does the rest.


Campbell Live ‏@CampbellLiveNZ 

To summarise: Williamson & Lui are neighbours at the beach, in a property Williamson suggested Lui buy & the Williamson family have used.


Otago Law Faculty ‏@OtagoLawFaculty 

It's funny coz Maurice Williamson called while I was marking LAWS204 assignments and said I better have a solid basis for failing a student.


J. @JordanMcCluskey · 

Ministers should be locked inside Zorbs inside their offices, and never talk to anyone, and only be let out for question time #sarcasm


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

saying you 'aren't looking to influence it' doesn't change jack sorry Maurice, you're a bloody minister ffs.


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom 

NZ Media, ask former National Minister Maurice Williamson what John Key knew about me before the raid. He might just tell you the truth now.


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

#AlsoToo Our political class doesn't seem to be managing our nation's new relationship with China terribly well.


Martyn Bradbury ‏@CitizenBomber 

If Key knew about Williamson's call to Police on Tuesday night & admits he had 'crossed a line' why did it take Herald till he resigned?


Raybon Kan ‏@RaybonKan 

Maurice Williamson tells police the applicable law for his friend is the Law For The Rich. The police say they'll double-check.


Will de Cleene ‏@ZippyGonzales 

Was the Williamson intervention just an operational matter, or did some top cop have a word to the Police Minister about the impropriety?


J. ‏@JordanMcCluskey

Maurice Williamson has kept the flame of National Party liberalism alight in some pretty dark times. I am very sad today.


Trevor Mallard ‏@TrevorMallard 

Williamson clarifies status with Police - sacked. Collins used with border official by company paying her family a fortune - survives. Why ?


Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ 

.@williamson_nz issue has taken 1% off @NZNationalParty's forecast party vote and 2% off its chances of winning election, says @iPredictNZ


La-mia ‏@LI_politico 

Makes you wonder what other bad behavior is going un-punished because someone doesn't know to OIA it.


Paora Ropata ‏@kiaora4that 

What's so attractive about wealthy Chinese businessmen? Like honey to the beehive. O'Connor,Jones,Williamson.....Collins


BK Drinkwater @BKDrinkwater · 

I think Williamson should resign from Parliament. I'm sad about this, but that shit is unfuckingacceptable.


Winston Peters ‏@winstonpeters 

So, the 'Rainbow Warrior' has been sunk. Will the Oravida Milkmaid be next?


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

I've given Greens/Labour tens and tens of dollars so if they get into Govt they better let me jaywalk with immunity.


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

Williamson to Police: "Nice ground you're on here ... be a shame if it turned out not to be solid."


Keith Ng ‏@keith_ng 

I think @jaredsavageNZH deserves bonus points for whatever he said/did to Police in the last week to make them hand him Williamson's head.


Deborah Russell ‏@BeeFaerie 

Family violence: it's not okay. Unless someone "is investing a lot of money in New Zealand." 


Laura McQuillan ‏@mcquillanatorz 

Police refer to Williamson as "the Minister" - suggesting they viewed his query as involving ministerial influence #rtpt


Deborah Russell ‏@BeeFaerie 

Williamson's reason for talking to police: Liu "is investing a lot of money in New Zealand." So now our justice system is for sale?


Matt Fairh ‏@mfairh 

So Williamson resigns over misconduct and one of his portfolios goes to an MP who has previously resigned over misconduct.


Dame Seamus Brady ‏@iamseamusbrady 

Awkward the Williamson domestic abuser donor story broke the same week National launched their "Building a Stronger NZ for Families" slogan.


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

Service Charges...


Imperator Fish @ImperatorFish · 

So was Williamson's main failing the fact that he made inappropriate contact with the police, or that the media found out?

Winston Peters ‏@winstonpeters 

They were riding, Maurice & Key, on their Kawasaki 2553. They hit a hole going 93, and Key carried on Mauricelessly.


James Elliott ‏@JamesElliott8 

Breaking news - politician screws up without any known connection to Kim Dotcom.


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Banks (*that* donation), Collins (Oravida), Dunne (leak), Worth (forced resignation), Wong (travel perk) and now Williamson. Dirty politics


James Meager ‏@JamesMeager 

Hoping we can still get @williamson_nz on @OUVoteChat later this year, important to get full story & students want to ask about gay rainbow.


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

This is a dirty dealing government. It makes Heatley's credit card stuff ups and the Antoine donations look positively clean in comparison.


La-mia ‏@LI_politico 

I guess the difference is Police communication got caught under OIA. Communication with Chinese Ambassador not caught under OIA. #OIAreform


Jarrod Baker @ghettoanger · 

actually pretty cool though that the police response was basically "thanks for your input, Maurice, but we're still going to prosecute"


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

Williamson should have used the Collins defense. I was ringing as a friend on behalf of another friend to a friend and it was personal, kay.


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

Williamson's portfolio going to Nick Smith who was stood down two years ago for the exact same offense. Brighter Future.


Dave Armstrong ‏@malosilima 

It is blindingly obvious that Williamson should go and Collins should stay. Orivida donated over 55k to Nats whereas Liu only donated 22k..


The Outrider @unsung75 · 

The stench of corruption abounds around the dying corpse of the National government.


Sacha Dylan ‏@kaupapa 

Another Minister with no sense of proper boundaries. Where do the Nats find so many?#nzpol


EDMinem ‏@AceMcWicked 

Looks like someone may need to 3D print themselves a new job.


Jeffrey Simpson ‏@DoctorJeph 

Don't think that Maurice Williamson will be able to 3D print his way out this.


Dovil ‏@Dovil 

Wow, I guess National take a hard line on Ministers who use their position to forward interests of friends/family except when they don't.


The Ruminator ‏@RuminatorNZ 

Judith Collins opens the paper. Sighs and says "Oh Maurice", then skips down the hall.


Bounder ‏@DawgBelly 

Hey, Maurice was just helping out a National party donor, it was for the good of the country.


Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

If any truth at all to @nzherald's story this morning, then Williamson is toast. If true, a disgraceful error of judgement.


Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc 

Big grey rainbow over the Pakuranga highway.

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Comments and questions

The horrible smell of corruption that is coming from the Nats is now overwhelming.
Time for a big clean out starting with Key and finishing when no one is left.

what gets me is the way these people think we are going to let hem away with these antic.s...even worse is when they themselves think they have done nothing wrong.
Willaimson should know better he has tried these tricks before and after 27 years being paid by us rather Hansomly you'd have to call him either a very slow learner or an outright idiot.
Either way his hansom income needs to