Top tweets about Shane Jones resigning as a Labour MP

Shane Jones
Bryce Edwards

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Here's some of the more interesting and insightful initial tweets in reaction to Shane Jones' announced retirement from parliamentary politics.

Rod Drury ‏@roddrury 

I was hoping @matuashane would go independent. Be great to have a New Zealander like him inside the Whare


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

Quick, someone draw a cartoon of Kelvin Davis in Shane's shoes, Parekura's shearing singlet, and Dover's Hat


Martyn Bradbury ‏@CitizenBomber 

Dear Murray McCully - please give Trevor Mallard a job as well


Alastair Thompson ‏@althecat 

Can't help thinking that @matuashane may have been set up here. No deal done yet? Premature announcement?


The Ruminator ‏@RuminatorNZ 

Also, this is a chance to shed the waitakere man once and for all! No Tamihere, no Jones, next stop: O'Connor



Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

As well as a front bench reshuffle, Labour should quit their list ranking strategy of demanding good Māori candidates retake a Māori seat.


StoogetalkZB ‏@mattedwords 

It appears Shane Jones has gone from being Labour's mongrel to being Murray McCullys' bitch- quite the career move.


John Drinnan ‏@Zagzigger 

It is possible to look at the circumumstances and timing for Shane Jones departure as disloyal


KiwiBear ‏@RupertTheBeer 

Meanwhile, Labours talentless deadwood is holding on for dear life.


Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

Countdown Supermarkets fearful that @CarolBeaumontMP will take over @matuashane's caucus responsibilities.



Lew ‏@LewSOS 

The strongest indication in favour of Shane Jones is that Young Labour all hate him.


Dave ‏@caffeine_addict 

I wonder if Labour can create a job for John Key?


Right Wing Fat Cat ‏@rightwingfatcat 

Murray McCully has performed the #GoT equivalent of getting Walder Frey to throw@nzlabour a wedding reception.... #nzpol


Kelvin Davis ‏@NgatiBird 

Time to buy a new suit and air the old ones that i didn't give to the Sallies. Does the smell of moth balls ever fade?

Chris Hipkins ‏@chrishipkins 

@NgatiBird Look forward to seeing you back in the House mate. Sorry to see @matuashanego, but getting you back will be awesome.


Duncan Garner ‏@Garner_Live 

Good luck @matuashane you've made the right call.


Dave ‏@caffeine_addict 

Can you imagine what would happen to Labour if Grant Robertson was to resign.


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

As that Gordon Campbell column shows, Jones and Labour were a poor fit. Maybe he's done the honourable thing and given Kelvin Davis time.


Richard Boock ‏@richardboock 

shane and tau should have swapped parties years ago...


CherylBernstein ‏@CherylBernstein 

I'm finding it hard to work out whether we're witnessing the death throes of certain political parties or more generally of party politics.


James Cardno ‏@jamescardno 

The more I think about tonight, the more I think a 3-year sabbatical might be the best thing for Labour - in a very positive way.


Kelvin Davis ‏@NgatiBird 

Kia ora all.The 3 News report came as a shock. I'm very sad that Shane is leaving. He has been a great friend inside and out of parliament.

Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

@NgatiBird @publicaddress So he didn't tell you in advance of TV3 story that he was quitting?

Kelvin Davis ‏@NgatiBird 

@hamishpricenz @publicaddress I had absolutely no idea. Heard it along with everyone else.


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

It's possible to recognise that, while Jones' departure is good for some aspects of Labour's game, it reveals deep problems within the party

Alastair Thompson ‏@althecat 

@LewSOS And it's possible to recognise an act of craven self interest at the expense of your lifetime's work as just that.


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

It's possible to realise that a broad-church party needs to be more internally tolerant than a niche-emergent party like the Greens, right?

Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

@LewSOS National is also a 'broad church', seems to get by without pro-union MPs that hate corporations and farmers


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

It's possible to recognise that Jones was a buffoon who alienated lots of people & still regret the loss of Labour's strongest link to Māori


Matt McCartenCOS ‏@MattMcCartenCOS  31m

Wonderful news. The more people we exclude from the party, the more pure our revolution will become. Rejoice! Rejoice in purity!


Matt Nippert ‏@MattNippert 

Jason Ede almost pulled off an Urquhart, but Shane Jones failed to win Labour leadership race. #BetterLuckNextTime


Matthew Beveridge ‏@matthewjpb 

The question of the night is, did the @nzlabour whips know about Shane talking with MFAT?


Glenn Conway ‏@pressglenn 

Jones leaving the final nail for labour? Just seven@months ago he could have been leader and now gone - #thatsgottahurt


Brenda Pilott ‏@PSAsecretary 

Crap timing for @matuashane to quit. Could have left at end of parliamentary term.


StoogetalkZB ‏@mattedwords 

i have a hunch that the endless flow of damaging & undermining Labour caucus leaks will dry up with @matuashane's departure- just a hunch.


Alastair Thompson ‏@althecat 

So McCully/Key obviously offered @matuashane the option of imagining himself a new job he would really fancy. #BaublesOfBetrayal



Sam Huggard ‏@SamHuggard 

Govt MPs will mention this every day between now & September 20 and Jones will know this full well. Selfish at best, sabotage at worst. #rpt


Paora Ropata ‏@kiaora4that 

What the hell was in that thousand dollar donation, a makutu? 


Rob Hosking ‏@robhosking 

@felixmarwick Uusally doesn't end well for Pakeha ones with same tag either. Anderton/ Dalziel / English / McLay / Maharey


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

If Cunliffe doesn't reshuffle his shadow cabinet, Māori MPs will be #9, #16 & #18 plus their last four. Go on, tell me that's not a problem 

Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

@LewSOS National: #7, #9 and #18 plus their last four and the Maori Party ministers. Interesting comparison.


Philip Nannestad ‏@philipsophy 

Remember all those times when we said @matuashane may as well be in the National party? That wasn't meant to be taken as career advice!


Lauraine Jacobs ‏@LauraineJacobs 

Who will be next? Two of the most interesting characters gone from Govt. @matuashane and@tauhenare. NZ politics will be boring.


Tim Walker ‏@hinauroa 

Hats off @matuashane why hang around in the playground when you can make a real contribution in life #shanejones


Judith Collins ‏@JudithCollinsMP   

@BreakfastonOne Didn't I tell you that @matuashane wanted to come to us at National? Happy for Shane to leave a toxic environment



Felix Marwick ‏@felixmarwick 

Why is it that every time a Maori politician is tagged as being a future PM it always seems to end poorly for them?


Sam Huggard ‏@SamHuggard 

Astounded by the selfishness of Shane Jones' timing. Struggling 2 think of parallels; eg Maharey as VC, Dalziel as Mayor quite different IMO


Hamish Price ‏@hamishpricenz 

Gutted that @matuashane is quitting. Was looking forward to him working with@russelnorman in incoming Lab Govt.


Pip Keane ‏@pipkeane 

Cunliffe and Jones having dinner together tonight. Love to be a fly on the wall@CampbellLiveNZ


McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey Protected Tweets 

Interesting to see how losing the best performer will affect performance during #nzqt


David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf 

Labour needed to rejuvenate but I thought the retirements might be the MPs who entered Parliament in 1981, not 2005!


Denis Welch ‏@WelchDenis 

Shane Jones quits Labour? The mighty teeterer has fallen.


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Lots of replies on Jones. I'm genuinely interested: if Jones isn't the best performing Labour MP this year, who is and why?


Sacha Dylan ‏@kaupapa 

Govt to create new role as Cycling Ambassador for Mallard #dreamsarefree


Annabelle Lee-Harris ‏@n8tvaffairs 

I wonder if the National Party will take care of @tauhenare the same way they're taking care of @matuashane. Interesting.


Emma Espiner ‏@emmawehipeihana 

Jeeeeesus. Hard to think of an ex MP who more deserves to return than @NgatiBird though.


Philip Nannestad ‏@philipsophy 

Labour party without Jones is a better electoral prospect. More cohesive, unified & willing to work with allies. This leaves them stronger.


em ‏@nz_voter 

On an unrelated matter, Cunlffe's leadership now seems safer.


Jack Georgieff ‏@JackGeorgieff 

Ah shit. Very sad to hear @matuashane is leaving #NZpolitics. We're all the poorer for it#sadface


Tax Players Union ‏@TaxPlayersUnion 

New fisheries role $350k. Travel allowance $200k. Staffing $150k. Getting rid of the only threatening opposition MP....priceless.


James Cardno ‏@jamescardno 

I'm more surprised by Jones sticking around after the leadership snub than I am by him eventually leaving, no matter where.


Kerry ‏@plateaunz Protected Tweets 

And while I'm at it the poor member for Dunedin South the disloyal Clare Curran. She should hold hands with Prasad and plank it too.


Jack McDonald ‏@tautokai 

Some interesting revisionism going on; Shane Jones as the youthful and impressive hope for Labour. Lol.


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

My timeline tells me that a whole lot of Green party supporters are stoked that Shane Jones has left Labour


Kerry ‏@plateaunz Protected Tweets 

Goff Mallard and King should have walked the plank.


The Winstonian ‏@Slick_Winnie 

Damn, I was aiming for that sweet fisheries job. Got anything else available Murray?


McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey Protected Tweets 

Push the last centrist of the Labour waka, when elections are won in the centre. #strategy#tactics


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

But hey, Kelvin Davis! There's an upside. He was a gem last term.

Matthew Beveridge ‏@matthewjpb 

@MorganGodfery is that like pinning your hopes on winning on @RaymondHuo winning a massive amount of the Asian vote?


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

This isn't a McCully masterstroke, it's a Labour cock up. The party drove away its best performing MP, National didn't lure him.

Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

@MorganGodfery Best-performing MP? Seriously? He really isn’t.

Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

@n8tvaffairs @MorganGodfery And that weird speech about Asian students. He’s always been a mixed blessing.


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

But I guess this is a win for the majority of the party who despised him, despite his strong performance this year. No else was stepping up.

Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

@MorganGodfery He was unpopular in the party on account of his frequent outbursts of dickishness, attitude to women, etc.


NZ Snapper ‏@SnapperFishNZ 

Hey Nats! Two more positions for Goff and Mallard? Sports? Something?


Lew ‏@LewSOS 

In typical Labour style, the party is rejuvenating by getting rid of one of its younger, more effective MPs.

Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

@LewSOS He turns 55 this year. He’s hardly a youngster.


Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth 

Also opening up spokesperson roles within the party: Maori Affairs, forestry, economic dev, & building


Ali Ikram ‏@AliIkram 

A man who was a lion in the house a couple of weeks ago is now a government lamb. We deserve to know the workings of how this happened.


Oliver Woods ‏@oiwoods 

If Shane Jones (@matuashane) is quitting Parliament to work in a Government role, this is some House of Cards-level action from Key.


Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth 

Opening up: seats on Finance & Expenditure, Primary Production select cttees. Plus flow-on changes #MovesOnChessboard


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Maybe Tariana was right and Labour doesn't deserve the Maori vote. They're trying so very hard to lose it.

Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

@MorganGodfery What exactly would you say Labour has done to Shane Jones to drive him out?


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

A strange way to court the Maori vote, though. Driving away your best performing MP and best connection to the Maori electorate.


Deborah Russell ‏@BeeFaerie 

National working high and low to undermine Labour. Must be a bit worried... After Shane Jones, who will be next target?

Right Wing Fat Cat ‏@rightwingfatcat 

@BeeFaerie @Ellipsister that's like saying the Iceberg was worried about the Titanic because some rats were jumping ship....


Jordan Williams ‏@JordNZ 

With Jones exiting politics who will lead NZ First once @winstonpeters kicks the bucket???


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish 

Is this Labour's version of renewal?


Rory McCourt ‏@rorymccourt 

Let's not romanticise Shane Jones' performance as an MP. Sure, some people loved him, some loathed. But he's just not a team player.


Te Hau White ‏@TeHauWhite 

How did @nzlabour not try harder to keep @matuashane. Absolutely mind boggling. No other Labour MP has done anything to swing votes #dumb


Jarrod Gilbert ‏@JarrodGilbertNZ 

I'd argue we need more like Shane Jones not less.


Annabelle Lee-Harris ‏@n8tvaffairs 

Another one bites the dust on the #NativeAffairs political debates. First @tauhenare now@matuashane #wherehavealltheflowersgone?


Idiot/Savant ‏@norightturnnz 

( @matuashane has done great work on Countdown recently, but its the highlight of a lacklustre career. Up or out)


Airbridge ‏@NZStrongbox 

Here's hoping for Goff/Mallard/King successive retirement announcements #nzpol (with greatest respect to their various accomplishments)


Jami-Lee Ross ‏@jamileeross 

Welcome aboard HMNZS National @matuashane


Right Wing Fat Cat ‏@rightwingfatcat 

Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth from the people within labour who still harbored hopes of actually winning in September #nzpol


Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth 

Expecting the valedictory to be rather entertaining, almost certainly Wed 7 May (Members Day) #NoInsideKnowledge


Sacha Dylan ‏@kaupapa 

Wira Gardiner happy with return on his donation #nzpol


mjfield ‏@mjfield 

Astonishing news on @matuashane - travelled Pacific with him: no more insightful that the average tourist - now to be a eco diplomat? wow


wallacechapman ‏@wallacelchapman 

Pacific Economic Ambassador. Gotta say, that's genuis. Look fwd to Aus&Fiji media, also China reaction on that also


James Meager ‏@JamesMeager 

Labour folk excited about talented @NgatiBird returning but have they thought it through? A win in TTT takes out @HoneManaMP & @KimDotcom..


Edward Bowie ‏@edbowie 

Wow is Wira Gardiner the new DotCom when it comes to claiming political scalps? Let's hope his next political victim is his wife


Steven Joyce ‏@stevenljoyce 

The last MP focused on jobs and growth in @nzlabour is hitting the road.


Russell Brown ‏@publicaddress 

I trust the Taxpayers Union will be all over this plum job McCully has invented for Shane Jones.


McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey Protected Tweets 

R.I.P The Labour Right, and its last remaining connection to Waitakere Man.


James Shaw ‏@jamespeshaw 

Oh, good.


Fran O'Sullivan ‏@FranOSullivan 

Unlike Don Brash, Shane Jones @matuashane is a man of principle who knows which side his toast is buttered on. Congrats Murray McCully.


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish 

I imagine @GarethMP is popping the champagne corks about now.


McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey Protected Tweets 

But seriously, 2013, serious leadership contender, mana restored, 2014 fucks right off and decides to work for my mob. WTF.


Judith Collins ‏@JudithCollinsMP 

Labour has now well and truly lost any hope of getting back Waitakere Man. They're now a fringe party of interest groups who hate each other


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

Jones will fulfill his role as 'Pacific Ambassador' by declaring war on all Melanesia and building a closer relationship with Iceland


McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey Protected Tweets 

How do you go from wanting to lead your party to leaving them less than a year later?!?!?#jonesy #shanejones


Rob Hosking ‏@robhosking 

Shane Jones to leave Labour. Banning Nigella the last straw #ColdDeadHands


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

We'll always have the porn, the supermarket scandals, the colourful phrasing.


Judith Collins ‏@JudithCollinsMP 

@matuashane Labour has just lost its biggest asset. Is this enough to get David Cunliffe back from holiday?


Tova O'Brien ‏@TovaOBrien 

Shane Jones quitting Labour to go work for the National Government !!!


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