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TV3 claims record online viewership for Dotcom interview

TV3 is claiming record online viewership for John Campbell's interview with Kim Dotcom, broadcast last Thursday.

By Monday morning, Nielsen figures showed a record 191,606 streams of the full interview, the broadcaster said, making it the highest published ondemand figure for a single programme in the New Zealand market.

A one-minute version of the interview had been picked up by television networks Rtl Germany NBC America and Reuters, and record-breaking ondemand viewership.

The full interview is online here; read a transcript here.

Although top of the charts for a streamed, long-form programme, the Dotcom interview falls short of all-time hits across any genre - a list that includes the NZTA's Ghost Chips ad (around 1.8 million views), Nek Minute (around 2.5 million) and the immortal Police 10-7 clip Safer Communities Together, aka "always blow on the pie" (around 350,000).

Comments and questions

A great video, highly recommend.

World class programme! Good on you John for finally doing something quite brilliant....this will be a hard act to follow.

I knew it was a good one, everyone is talking about it.


I'm not 100% sure what across any genre means at the end of the article but their are plenty more videos with higher view counts than those mentioned. The All Black haka+translation comes in at over 10 million.

I watched it and thought it was sacarine rubbish with an over earnest twat with big ears playing a journalist.

Perhaps we should put campbell and fat bastard dot com on a desert island so they can inteview each other.

New zealand media is woessome

god take that picture of john campbell down, its bad enough having to watch him play a technology journalist when he hasnt a clue but to have that gormless prat staring at me via the nbr site? arrrrgh!