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TVNZ appoints new Ondemand head to lead rebuild

TVNZ has appointed Telecom’s head of voice, messaging and media, Jason Foden, to replace its departing general manager of digital, Tom Cotter.

Mr Cotter has since begun work on tech start-up BuzzDial.

Mr Foden will start at TVNZ on February 24.

TVNZ says Ondemand has had record stream growth in the last six months, with impressions up 90% on the previous year.

Mr Foden will lead business growth and performance of and TVNZ Ondemand.

TVNZ head of digital media Thor Bayer says the platform is being completely redeveloped to offer a more personal experience, with features such as personalised playlists. He says new content intiatives will begin in March but will not comment further on specifics of the developments.

In May last year TVNZ told the National Business Review the video service makes up about 2-3% of TVNZ total ad revenue.

Using the service is generally seen as a top up for TV advertisers which might spend an extra 3-8% of their TV budgets on the online platform.

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Comments and questions

Whatever Buzz Dial have cooking, it must be pretty interesting to attract the likes of Cotter away from such a great gig.

Cool. Now that we have UFB it would be great if it could be delivered in HD for a change...