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TVNZ releases first Seven Sharp promo

TVNZ has released the first promo clip for Seven Sharp (see clip below).

As promised, the new show has more energy, if the clip is anything to go by. But it is perhaps trying a little too hard.

The Close Up re-boot will launch Monday February 4.

It will be fronted by Alison Mau, Greg Boyed and comedian Jesse Mulligan and feature Media7/Media 3 alumna Sarah Daniell on its production team.

The release of the clip this afternoon was overshadowed by the surprise resignation of TVNZ head of news Ross Dagan, the man credited with axing Close Up and birthing Seven Sharp.


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Comments and questions

Oh goody, more yawn-inducing current affairs because some TVNZ news editor knows that's what we all need. How about a technology show? How about something different? How about no cr*pulent reality TV?

Well, there's another ratings jump for The Crowd Goes Wild in the 18- to 34-year-old market.

Can we try something new rather than just rehashing the same old presenters. What is a comedian going to add? This is beginning to sound more like Jono and Ben.

The promo suggests that TVNZ is set to completely abandon news as moderately intelligent New Zealanders might have understood it.

No wonder some people really believe in man-made global warming and that Greenpeace is a force for good.


I wouldn't knock this show too soon. I have been extremely impressed with Greg Boyed in the short space of time he was on Q + A. Alison Mau is excellent on some of the shows she has done - just doesn't belong in garbage like Fair Go. Never heard of the other bloke.

I for one think this is an exciting combination and cannot wait to see their debut. Good luck guys.

If the promo is anything to go by, it'll be gone by lunchtime - never mind bloody 7pm.

Well, here's hoping this will be more informative than the current news offerings we are subject to. Mind you, that would not be an unachievable goal, eh?