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Twitter snitch fired

Auckland Council's transport arm has fired the person responsible for complaining to the employer of a woman who criticised it on Twitter.

Auckland Transport communications manager Sharon Hunter would not confirm what the person's job was, only saying: "The person no longer works for Auckland Transport as of the end of yesterday. The person was a contractor."

The Twitter bullying incident – which has drawn a huge response from readers – was sparked by a tweet by Telecom employee Tara Sutherland on Monday, expressing disdain at the council's excessive parking rates.

Shortly after, the unidentified Auckland Transport contractor complained to Telecom about the tweet.

NBR ONLINE posted a story about the incident about lunch time on Tuesday and the person who snitched to Telecom was gone hours later.

The story prompted a flurry of comments from readers attacking the council's bullying tactics, many with their own stories of council bureaucratic madness.

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Comments and questions

That sort of behaviour is only acceptable if it came from Cameron Slater.

What decisive, no PC bullsh*t, no mincing words - straight to the point, did the crime - now doin' the time. Personal responsibility for own actions...

Most excellent!

Shame other employers around NZ couldn't act just as quick with a rogue employee. Our PC nanny state employment legislation slanted against employers by Labour/unions have all manner of "innocent victim" employers whose only crime was not strictly following employment law 100% perfectly - laws that change with case laws too, by the way. Yet for offering someone a chance to earn money, employers are often left out of pocket by $20K or even $30K trying to fight any "personal grievance" claim, regardless of merit.

Change those laws... and SMEs will be keener to take the risk with employing people.

This is the PC Bull sh*t stuff I mentioned above.

How on earth could a private sector employer sustain something like this?

Fix our employment laws to the benefit of employers!!

Yes, it is a shame we have employment law that doesn't allow employers to just willy nilly fire people for the hell of it and, of course,we employees should be grateful to be bullied, humiliated and emotionally scarred from terrifically bad managers and to be taken for granted, work like slaves and have our souls crushed because business owners feel that employees owe them everything. No, you are quite right. "Personal grievance" is just a figment of an employee's imagination... YEAH, RIGHT!

So have senior management bullies as described in this article been sacked, too?

Sacrificial pawn contractor transferred to another Auckland City CooKoo

Storm in a teacup?

Contractor - terminated. Wouldn't have happened to a salaried employee.

COULDN'T have happened to a salaried employee. What I still want to know is - how the heck did they track her employer down???

No longer works for Auckland Transport doesn't mean they no longer work for the council.

Contractor - really ? Fired - REALLY ???

Another classic example of engaging the mouth before the brain.

Remind me never to get in the wrong side of Tara again....

So contractors really ARE employees.

Stop Snitchin'

So what did the bullying consist of? From the way Tara has ramped up what was really just a complaint about parking charges I wouldn't be surprised if the 'bullying' was either trivial or open to interpretation.