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UFB now in reach of 517K, with 7.7% connection rate — Adams

UFB fibre is now rolled passed 517,000 premises, with 39,510 customers (or 7.7%) chosing to connect, according to the latest MBIE update released by ICT Minister Amy Adams.

The update says the rollout is 7% ahead of schedule.

The 10-year rollout is happening faster in some areas than others.

In Northland, for example, NorthPower Fibre has finished its rollout. In Auckland, Chorus' is 26% of the way through.

RAW DATA: Read the quartely report (PDF)

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Comments and questions

Be nice if they can provide details about the quality of the work being done by Chorus contractors - in our street the work has been done quickly and in at least one case without following consent criteria/conditions. The reinstatement work has been a different - massive delays in completion, and rework being required in at least half of the street.

Good to see the build tracking as planned (see graph).

On a positive note, now UFB has been available for 2 years now, good to see the uptake rate for the last quarter is 12.6%

I'm still surprised ISPs aren't taking note of what happens overseas, and selling unlimited GB but with a range of connection speeds. 1/5/30/100 Mbps down type products.
The current model of selling 30/100/200/1000 Mbps down is creating a market where people know they are being lied to about their international bandwidth speeds. These peak speed products are killing ISPs with backhaul costs too.

Look to see smaller ISPs get bought up as UFB pushes their costs up considerably (backhaul in particular). Chorus is working on a tail aggregation product (so they provide backhaul), but its years away, and probably too late for too many to survive.

The LFCs are not allowed to sell backhaul and with most of their products regulated UFB should not push the costs up higher for ISPs, in fact it should be the reverse.

ISPs need to innovate as the market will demand it

Sorry you are incorrect, LFCs are certainly allowed to offer backhaul services.
Their agreement with CFH is only a "minimum" offering, they are able to offer additional services 200/1000 down is an obvious example of going above and beyond their CFH contracts.
It has been misrepresented in the media, but in Telecom's separation their backhaul fibre network did not stay only with Telecom, but got split so Chorus and Telecom both got some.