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Ultra Fast Broadband underway in Christchurch

The Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) initiative is underway in Christchurch.

As of yesterday, the first fibre was laid in Aidanfield, Christchurch, the office for the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Steven Joyce said.

Enable Networks is contracted to roll out fibre across Christchurch and Rangiora, connecting over 380,000 people, including 7000 businesses, about 1000 medical centres and 170 schools, the Minister's office said.  The roll out would be completed over an eight year period and was supported by a Crown contribution of over $200 million, it said.

Over 200 new Christchurch based jobs at Enable and Transfield Services were being created in the short-term for the initiative, the Minister's office said.

The office said an analysis of potential economic impact of the project by Canterbury Dvelopment Corporation had indicated that the initiative would generate 3,307 jobs in Christchurch by 2031.

Mr Joyce said the initiative provided opportunities for businesses to work in new ways, schools to connect students to resources around the globe and specialist medical expertise to be available at a distance through video conferencing.

The fibre optic network would be available to retailers on equal terms, boosting market competition, Mr Joyce said.

"“Wholesale prices will be as low as half the price of current offerings for business services and residential customers will enjoy a vastly improved service for as much as they currently pay, or less."

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We saw this happening , and being in the industry we were wondering if it was fiber going down, Checked the other day as we noticed two cables sticking out the ground by existings Cable terminals on the streetside, so looked in detail at the conduit which clearly said fiber, we this answers our question