Union accepts Ports' back-pay offer for picketers

Live on the picket line - now with back-pay

The Maritime Union today accepted an offer from the Ports of Auckland (PoAL) to back-pay picketing Maritime Union workers from March 22 to March 30.

The offer was made at an injunction hearing at the Employment Court today.

The union lifted its strike on March 22 offering to return to work immediately but PoAL rejected the offer because of health and safety risks and a lack of available shifts.

A PoAL spokeswoman says the offer should not be interpreted as the port backing away from the contracting out proposal and the injunction hearing was separate from ongoing mediation.

She says the injunction hearing to determining how and when union members return to work and the legality of PoAL’s proposed April 6 lockout have been adjourned until Friday.

The wage cost to the port is not yet known and it is still uncertain when union members would return to work.

A five-day substantive hearing scheduled to begin March 26 was rescheduled to May 16 and until then PoAL has to stay its contracting out process and cannot advertise any contracted jobs.

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Our entire employment legislation needs some serious alterations - fast!

How is it that legalised thuggery, threatening, lying and obnoxious behaviours have to be tollerated - simply because the employer in this case happens to be owned by the rate-payers - with never ending deep pockets?

Legalised thuggery should be made illegal - epecially in the workplace and especially when a handfull of trouble makers can hold an entire port to ransom causing over $35Million in deliberate, calculated business sabotage?

This employment legislation is the exact same legislation that ALL NZ employers must adhere to - so the Ports example only highlights the HUGE difficulties SME's have when trying to manage their own property / belongings / business's.

Please sort our employment legislation. It should not be a gravy train for lawyers and having to spend upwards of $20,000 (after tax) on legal fees through any ERA process - regardless of merit - absolutely cripples a SME and crushes the business owners morale to the point where they think - what's the point?

Why go to all the stress, hassle, worry, effort, time and cost trying to run your own SME - only to have a belligerant union with alterior motives, hijack your business under some false pretense so they can turn the so called "industrial dispute" into a political event.

One only needs to read a MUNZ propaganda sheet for the motivations - as these "actions" by MUNZ are all about enhancing the standing of the Labour Party.

So how is it that a political party & their bully boy union renta-thugs can hold a cities port infratructure to ransom for month's on end?

Change employment laws. Save our SME's!


Is this a comment from Adolf or Josef?


"How is it that legalised thuggery, threatening, lying and obnoxious behaviours have to be tollerated..." - a very accurate description of the Port Company's behaviour throughout.


Agree with JohnM, Port company needs to be held accountable, How about we support our workers rather than nationa party hate speech


In this case the workers should pay the port for lost revenue due to the strike!


Is the port not going to lose additional revenue now and after its indefinite lockout begins on April 6?
From now it is short of 230 + union workers and completely unable at the same time to approach contractors or even plan redundancies? And that is the situation for almost two months!
Who compensates the port during that lockout time? Itself?


IMHO both parties are at equal fault. But the law and the whole system around employment in this country is soooooo 19 century. We have strutting employers and strutting unions representing employees. We have a legal system and a Judicary who struggle with the 21st century. What we need is a change. In the case of POAL the individuals on both sides have been found wanting. In both cases they must go or be removed and new people bought in with a different mind set. Maybe the law needs to change to allow for this. The citizens are being held to economic ransome by both sides. The problem with these disputes is that after a time both sides forget what the original issue was and now simply fight for the sake of not losing face. That is where POAL is. Lenny the Mayor has come out looking like a weak hand wringing sop. the Directors of both the holding company and POAL look like a bunch of idiots and the Union well the Union is still fighting the 19th and 20th century battles that were lost long ago


The reason the striking workers have not been allowed back to work for "health & safety" reason is that PoA understands the actual physical risk to non-unionised workers. As history has taught us, Stalin and his comrades only understood 'iron fist' responses. That is what is required here IMHO. These unions need to step into the 21st century.


Sorry, here's Josef


Adolf or Josef? How about Lee Kwan Yew ?


On what LAWFUL basis was Auckland Council UNELECTED CEO Doug McKay meeting with the Ports of Auckland Board and discussing the 6% - 12% Return On Equity (ROE) - which is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in the Auckland Council Investments Ltd (ACIL) Statement of Intent (SOI)?

ie: A GOVERNANCE matter - not an OPERATIONAL matter?

Upon what LAWFUL authority can the Auckland Council CEO, Doug McKay, 'the principal administrative officer of the local authority' - be involved in 'decision-making' - for which the GOVERNING BODY is responsible and democratically accountable?

(Check out s41 'Governing bodies' and s42 'Chief Executive' of the Local Government Act 2002).

Time for the elected representatives of Auckland Council to SACK the CEO Doug McKay - who appears to be 'getting too big for his boots'?

Penny Bright
'Anti-corruption campaigner'


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