Union's court bid to halt contracting

An injunction filed by the Maritime Union to stall the Ports of Auckland's contracting out process may not be heard.

The union filed an injunction application in the Employment Court this morning in a bid to stall contracting out until the union's substantive challenge to contracting is heard by the court on March 26.

The union's primary action is to challenge the legality of the contracting.

But no date has been set for the injunction to be heard, or if it will be heard, because it covers the same material to be dealt with on March 26, Auckland Employment Court registrar Mima Bobot says. 

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Security of employment can only be gained by ensuring yourself as an individual has the skills, qualities, attitude and attributes that an employer needs/wants.

Attempting to isolate and insulate particular roles/jobs away from the dynamic environment of today’s 2012 employment landscape is simply not possible, nor sustainable. Ask the railside workers in Dunedin why they aren’t building new trains for NZ – and the answer is because they costed themselves out of contention at bidding time.

What the unions fail to (deliberately) comprehend is that any job is “owned” by the workplace – not the job holder. The job holder is the current holder of that job – the caretaker even - however the only way the job holder can dictate/demand/insist how that role is undertaken is if they own the entity that has created the role in the first place. They are the caretaker of that role – for as long as they take care of that role – or until the owner of the role decides something else more appropriate for their entity.

Parsloe has admitted numerous times that productivity at PoAL will instantly increase if PoAL buckles to their demands – so therefore he is saying that MUNZ are deliberately choking off productivity and ensuring the people at PoAL limit their productivity. How is this legal when employee’s have a long-held legal and moral obligation to their employer to perform their duties to the best of their abilities?

The employment agreement is between the individual and PoAL and MUNZ falsely believe they are entitled to deliberately and maliciously slow down individual productivity at a workplace to such an extent they refuse 9 separate offers from PoAL over many, many months – all resulting in weeks of unpaid downtime for the worker and redundancy at the end of it all… without the MUNZ member having the option to have a say in a secret ballot.

What real value has MUNZ delivered for their members?

How can an interloping 3rd party be even legal in 2012 when the facts clearly demonstrate MUNZ / Parsloe have deliberately sabotaged production in the workplace, refused individual MUNZ members the opportunity to have a secret say and all whilst costing their members their employment because MUNZ / CTU / Labour Party are chasing failed political philosophies belonging to last century as they spout propaganda, rhetoric and deliberate lies, half truth’s and falsehoods!

The Unions and the Labour Party know they are in the final death throws of being legally able to incite business interruption and sabotage, attempting to bully and strong arm people to their failed modus operandi which supports their parasitic existence.

No wonder the Unions and the Labour Party have lost their relevance in 2012!


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