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HP NZ cuts tablet pricing - but still out of whack with US

Update August 11: HP today said it had lowered the price of the 16GB model to $679 (down from $799) and $819 (from $949) for the 32GB model.

The company copped flak for its original pricing being out of parity with the US, especially given the sharp rise in the New Zealand dollar.

But the price reduction is not in reaction to the roar of the Kiwi on social media - rather it's a flow-on from a $US100 price drop made permenant today in North America.

To wit, it's unlikely to silence critics.

The new pricing still leaves New Zealand a little out of whack with the US, where the TouchPad 16GB now sells for $US399 ($NZ491) and the 32GB for $US499 ($619).

The runaway tablet market leader, Apple's iPad, sells for between $799 and $1289, depending on specs.

In mid July, Apple slashed AppStore pricing for Australians by around 20% in reaction to that country's soaring dollar. But the company has yet to make any cuts on this side of the Tasman.

Update July 28: HP said today that a wi-fi version of the TouchPad will be released mid-August.

A 16GB model will be priced at $799; a 32GB model $949.

July 18: Apple's iPad, Google Android devices, and RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook have new competition in a suddenly crowded New Zealand tablet market.

HP has confirmed that its TouchPad will see local release, with a launch event slated for July 28.

The TouchPad runs on WebOS software, inherited when HP bought struggling smartphone pioneer Palm.

The early verdict from the US, where the TouchPad was released a fortnight ago: its hardware and software is gorgeous, but at this point apps are relatively scarce (read the New York Times' review here).

The TouchPad has a 9.7-inch touchscreen, and (like Android and PlayBook, and unlike iPad) can play Flash content. WebOS got points from US critics for a feature called "Synergy", which consolidates data from different web mail, calendaring and social network services.

In the US, a 32GB version of the TouchPad sells for $US500; a 64GB version for $600. Both are wi-fi only. A 3G model is in the works.

See full tech specs on HP's official TouchPad page here.


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