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Updated schedule of Christchurch rebuild

A new schedule of Christchurch’s state sector rebuild programme has been published on the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority web site.

It is similar to an update provided in August 2013 except the time frames are extended.

In a prepared statement, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee refers to “more than $15 billion committed by the government” to the Christchurch rebuild.

The bulk of the $15 billion is EQC’s insurance obligations as well as several other programmes, some of them on track before the earthquakes.

The breakdown of expenditure is outlined in a December 2013 Treasury report.

The latest updated schedule on the CERA website includes a host of work such as the Canterbury District Health Board’s long-proposed $600 million upgrade and the Education Ministry’s redevelopments that extend beyond 2020.

Also in the mix are repairs and scheduled multi-million sollE redevelopments by Lyttelton Port Company and property developments planned by Christchurch International Airport.

Mr Brownlee says the construction sector and investors have asked for the information.

 “This approach will help suppliers gear up to meet demand ahead of time and give confidence to the private sector to invest in Christchurch in the knowledge that the public sector is committed to the rebuild and is pushing ahead with its work.”

As yet, the only state sector project under way three years after the last big earthquake is the beginning of an Avon Riverbank beautification venture.

The most advanced venture – a bus interchange – has been delayed pending new designs after significant flaws were found.

Comments and questions

27 more earthquakes 9 floods several ghettos ...............New Zealands New Orleans hitting all its KEY metrics

These further delays will help tomorrows budget and now definitely kill the CBD in Christchurch

The area around Victoria Street will now become the commercial centre of the city

I am getting constant reports of proposed projects being canned ... many considered "certs" ... simply because they are not viable.

The Authorities at both central and local level need to explain why they have failed to deal with land supply and infrastructure issues, so that a "market priced" recovery can finally get underway.

Only a market priced recovery is going to happen.

Talk about leaving ourselves vulnerable, with the "external shock" of China clearly looming.

They cant say they have not been warned (e.g. 10 ... yes 10 ... Annual Demographia Surveys and all the rest of it, since early 2005) ... but alas, that's The Great Inertia Sector Of Government for you.

Central government needs to explain why they paid CBD owners out, and continue to at outrageous land prices, when they are way more houses that need to be bought out because the land is now a swamp.

Ask yourself what this is all about? Any guesses here, because its the same old story with this national government?