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VIRAL VIDEO: Graeme Hart's new superyacht launches in Norway

According to local media, Graeme Hart and his wife Robyn were in Ulsteinvik, Norway to witness the launch of their 107m superyacht at Kleven Verft shipyard this past weekend (see Kleven Verft's official clip below).

Until the pair showed up, nobody at the shipyard knew whose yacht they were building, a local newspaper says.

Designed by Marin Teknikk, the MT5006 Expedition Support Vessel will be named Ulysses upon delivery in 2015 and is designed for longer expeditions in rough waters worldwide.

Mr Hart used to own another ship named Ulysses, a 51-metre vessel that was moored at Auckland's Viaduct for years before being sold, renamed Grand Rusalina and relocated to Monaco.

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Comments and questions

Looks a little incomplete to me. Is he bringing it down to NZ for the next season of 'The Block NZ'?

I'd have to say that Graeme Hart clearly has better taste than Steve Jobs did. Even in its incomplete state, it looks way better than the monstrosity Jobs had a hand in creating.

Greek-Argentine shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis expanded his enormous business portfolio to include whaling. ... Onassis purchased a T-2 tanker which he converted into a factory ship, the Olympic Challenger, along with 12 corvettes that became whale catchers, at a shipyard in Germany. He later also purchased the U.S. Navy surplus frigate Stormont, converted it into a luxury yacht, and built on its hull an ice-breaker prow and fittings for an amphibious plane and super-speedboat, for use in his fleet.

Mr Saetre said the boat was also designed with space in its hull for a 21-metre catamaran - with two cranes to lift it on and off the vessel. The catamaran was integrated into the bow of the ship, and there were also four sailing boats on board, Mr Saetre said. ,,, He said the yacht was "one of a kind" as Marin Teknikk, like boat builders Kleven, normally designed offshore vessels for the oil industry. "It is not a normal yacht design. Mr Hart wanted more of a rough, offshore design, to withstand rough waters."
(New Zealand Herald)

Go get em grahame