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Vodafone nabs iPad Mini, fourth-generation iPad

Vodafone appears to have snuck an edge on Telecom in the ongoing Apple war.

The carrier is selling the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display from today, offering Apple's latest full-sized tablet (Wi-Fi+Cellular 16GB model) for $0 up front and $80 per month on a two-year, 2GB/month data plan.

Vodafone says it will also sell the cellular version of the iPad Mini shortly.

Last year, the company lost its iPhone exclusivity as Telecom became the second official carrier.

But, for now, Vodafone maintains its edge with Apple's tablets.

Telecom did not immediately respond to a query over whether it would carry the latest iPad or iPad Mini. 

2degrees is not an official Apple carrier but sells micro and nano-SIM cards that can be used in an iPhone or iPad.

Vodafone highlights that the latest iPad and iPad Mini offer support for dual carrier HSPA+ - the fastest form of 3G data. All three mobile carriers are adding dual carrier support to their networks, but Vodafone says it is the most advanced, and is the only company to have offered coverage maps.

Comments and questions

Yawn. Same thing, different size. How about something new.

Telecom doesn't need to range the iPad mini to be relevant if they're able to range the likes of the Windows-based Samsung ATIV Tab instead.

Buy as 3g nexus 7 with better screen and processor and save $1400.

$80 is expensive, even for NZ standards. Thank you, Vodafone for at least giving it away on a plan. It's a step forward.
Now they just have to have the shared data that 2d have.