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Vodafone tops independent 3G mobile speed test

Vodafone's 3G mobile network is faster than Telecom or 2degrees, according to TrueNet, an independent tester under contract to the Commerce Commission.

The carrier came from behind to top the latest TrueNet tests, which were carried out around central Auckland and central Wellington.

TrueNet principal John Butt says his company measures 3G broadband performance using a three-probe portable router stack, which has Vodafone, Telecom and 2degrees SIM cards. The stack is used to measure mobile data speed up and down as well as webpage download times every 20 or so meters, connecting to all three networks simultaeously.

Vodafone topped all three categories: upload, download and web page loading in Auckland, and in Wellington.

Vodafone began its 4G rollout in February last year and Telecom followed suit in November. 2degrees says it will upgrade its network to include 4G support later this year.

When will TrueNet begin testing 4G?

"When someone pays to upgrade the mobile toolkit. It's expensive," Mr Butt tells NBR.

See TrueNet's full results - which include interactive graphics and maps for the first time - here.

Comments and questions

interesting just did tests between VFNZ and TCNZ here on the North Shore on 3G and 4G and VF smashed Telecom not even close and 4G Vodafone smashed Telecm again as well not even close to Telecom, Did the tests 3 times on each network, Telecom has some work to do, I am the Telecom customer

Testing on 4G won't really count for much until there is widespread coverage from all three companies.
So far there are just two in the game and there is a vast difference between them in coverage areas.

Why did they not test using a 3G dual carrier device! FAIL