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Watch the total eclipse live

Today's eclipse will see the moon totally cover the sun in Cairns, Australia (see live web stream below) and obscure the sun in New Zealand this morning at the following times:

  • North Cape: 10.21am, 91%
  • Whangarei: 10.25am, 89%
  • Auckland: 10.27am, 87%
  • Tauranga: 10.30am, 86%
  • Hamilton: 10.29, 85%
  • Wellington: 10.34am, 76%
  • Christchurch: 10.34am, 68%

Above and below: live feeds from Cains, where the eclipse is underway. The UStream feed is co-sponsored by the Astronomical Association of Queensland, NASA and several other partners.

Auckland's Stardome Observatory has frequently refreshed eclipse images here:

Staring directly at the sun can cause eye damage. View the eclipse through solar glasses, or point your digital camera or camera phone at it, then watch your captured footage.