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The Herald reports:

Simon Moutter today hoists a new flag up ’s mast, marking its tack away from two decades as New Zealand’s safe and stodgy telecommunications provider.

For the managing director, it’s a signal of the company’s new direction, towards a bright digital horizon of revenue growth and new services such as internet television.

Moutter’s flag, bearing the new company name , aims to jettison Telecom’s past persona and chart a course to it becoming a competitive provider of communications, entertainment, and cloud computing services.

I'm loving the new Telecom. They have become a competitive retailer, instead of a regulatory gamer.

Spark were the first company to bring in flat rate data roaming, and also the first big player to bring in uncapped fibre plans. They now try to be a market leader, rather than stop the market evolving.

Political commentator David Farrar posts at Kiwiblog.

Comments and questions

Slingshot and Orcon both had uncapped fibre plans well before Telecom, and together are now part of a ~$250m company with 15% market share.

Notice the twist of the wording ' Telecom first to bring in flat rate data roaming ' actually this is not correct when you exceed 200MB you get a warning SMS and service is cut off, Vodafone NZ offers true flat rate roaming at $5 a day in many countries, $5 a day includes incoming calls , out going calls and SMS local and back to New Zealand and you get to use your NZ data as well, Telecom / Sparks offer does not even come close to this offer and then Vodafone NZ has a true Single RAN vendor not what Telecom / Spark do using different vendors between 3G and 4G, Good luck spark.